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Buchalarn’s Dire Blade: The gnome thief Buchalarn was famous for thwarting the rules of local guilds, stealing from protected individuals, interfering with protection rackets, and exposing embezzlement. He was an enigmatic quasihero, stealing from the rich and sometimes helping the underprivileged but often carting away bags of money to fund his own vices and not above taking candy from the occasional child. Buchalarn eventually fell in with a chaos cult that was a little more sinister than it let on. The cult used him as the target in an evil ritual designed to plant the bodiless mind and spirit of a particularly vile demon named Ncadzar into the body of a living victim. Possessed body and soul by Ncadzar, the oftfriendly Buchalarn became a ruthless killer of innocents and guilty alike. With his already remarkable natural skills backed by the demon’s magic, Buchalarn became an assassin, bearing a long-lost and nameless weapon the demon had created centuries earlier before its body was destroyed and its spirit banished. This weapon, a simple black dagger with a screaming face on the pommel, became known as Buchalarn’s Dire Blade. The gnome used the weapon to kill many over the next several years and his name was only whispered for fear of the demon’s power. When an encounter with a cleric resulted in the banishment of Ncadzar, Buchalarn was freed. Unfortunately, after years of being a prisoner in his own mind and body, he had become quite mad, fled, and has not been seen since. As he was carrying the dagger at the time, it may be with him or it may have been dropped or stolen during his flight.

Buchalarn’s Dire Blade is a +2 keen throwing wounding dagger. Once per day the wielder can cause the dagger to inject poison (DC 14) into a creature it strikes (if thrown, the wielder must decide to poison the target before throwing it). The poison deals 1d10 initial and secondary Charisma damage. Buchalarn was fond of killing his targets by stabbing them with the dagger, injecting them with poison so they would fall into a catatonic stupor and bleed to death from the wounding effect.

Caster Level: 10th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, magic stone, poison, Mord’s sword; Market Price: 98,302 gp; Cost to Create: 49,302 gp + 3,920 XP.

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