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The World of Estriea (Es-stray-ya)

In the beginning, the land was wild and free. Jungles, forests, grasslands, mountainous regions and oceans dominated the world, and the creatures that existed with them were just barely making their way through life. In this time, there were three realms: the realm of mortals (known as Estra), the realm of the fae (known as Faeda), and the Infinity Realm. These three were open to all and many wandered into each with little mind or care. Life was simple, but hard and usually short, as every creature fought for survival and food. Then they came, the Endless, the ones that had the power to influence the lands and creatures that roamed them. Some were good and kind, giving the creatures gifts and teaching them how to survive on the land alone. Others were uncaring, only wanting to live their own eternal life as they saw fit, not meaning to bother or influence those around them and expecting the same from others.

And then, there were those that wished only to see the forests burn, the oceans boil, and the creatures of the land suffer. These beings of the Endless, the creatures of the land called Daemons, cursing their names and doing all they could to fight against them. These Daemons created new beings that they called demons and monsters, beings that only had the purpose of killing others and causing misery to all that they came across. Wars were started, entire regions were razed leaving nothing but desert or barren wasteland, and these times were called the Dark Wars. However, while lasting centuries, they were not destined to last forever and the Endless drove the Daemons, and most of their creations, back into the Infinity Realms. Where they were sealed away from ever re-entering Estra and Faeda. In doing so, however, the Endless also sealed off the ways into Faeda, leaving the Fae and Faeda Endless to their own devices.

This was centuries ago, and now the lands have mostly recovered, the Dark Wars a forgotten memory of a past long ago. However, the Daemons that were locked within the Infinity Realm were not defeated and are Endless at heart. The seals won't last forever, and every now and then the gates open just enough for creatures to emerge from the realm that all others now think of as hell. There are even a few legends of days gone past, where warriors of Estra had to fight against a Daemon that had escaped. But those are tales, for another time...

Player Info

Character Creation
Start making a character for Breath of Fire.
The races found within Estriea, the realm of mortals.
A list of classes available to players.
Supplements and resources that recommended for this campaign.

World Reference

The history of the world of Estriea.
Geography of the World
The shape of the world.
Political Entities
Regions and Nations in the world of BoF.
The names of the Endless and Daemons, and the religions that came from worshiping them.
Cosmology and the Realms
The creation and geography of the three realms.
The major organizations and religions of Estriea.

DM Info

The history of the Breath of Fire worlds and incarnations.
Those strange items that are said to come from the Endless' influence.
Bestiary and Monster Races
The demons and monsters that inhabit the realms of Estriea.
Information about all the technologies throughout Estriea.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
All the people your players may see, talk to, or kill.

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