Bound Greatsword (3.5e Equipment)

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Bound Greatsword: A sharp and serrated greatsword with a bone hilt. The higher the hit points of the wielder, the more damage it deals. If the user has over 50 HP when attacking with the sword, it deals 4d6 damage (3d8 to undead). If the user has less then 30 HP when attacking, it deals 3d6 damage (4d6 to undead). If the user has less then 5 HP, it deals 2d6 damage (1d20 to undead). The sword cannot be knocked out of the user's hands in combat or dangerous situations. The sword cannot be destroyed by physical force, unless the user is the one delivering the force. This weapon costs 2500Gp to masterwork, By adding masterwork, the sword will deal an extra 1d6 damage.

Moderate enchantment;CL 10 for any magic class; Craft psionic construct feat; Cost 8000Gp 2500Xp; Weight: 17lb lb.; Market Price: 10,000Gp

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