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Bottomless Quiver: This quiver generates a seemingly endless supply of arrows or bolts.

A quiver of this sort looks like a normal, well-made, well-used quiver. However, upon picking it up and using it it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the case. If picked up by a small, medium, or large creature with arms, it immediately resizes appropriately for the one who picked it up. When not being held or equipped, it appears to be sized for a medium character.

The quiver has a much more useful property than this, however. It creates an endless supply of arrows or bolts, depending on which was chosen at item creation. If crossbow is selected, the quiver constantly holds 15 bolts sized for the wielder's crossbow (note that a Hand Crossbow uses separate ammo and thus a different quiver from other crossbows). If bow is selected, the quiver will constantly renew 20 arrows sized for the wielder's bow. If you drop the quiver or die then all ammunition within it immediately vanishes. If magically suppressed, the quiver does not continue to produce new ammunition, though any ammo already in existence remains in the quiver until used or the wielder drops it/dies.

All ammunition created by the quiver is non-magical. If any piece of ammo is removed from the quiver and not fired within 5 rounds, then it vanishes. Ammunition likewise vanishes 5 rounds after being removed from the quiver if it is fired (weather it hits or misses). Ammo removed from the quiver is replaced instantly, making it impossible to place other ammo into the quiver.

If examined with detect magic, the quiver gives off a faint aura of conjuration magic.

CL ; Craft Wondrous Item; Craft Magic Arms & Armor; magic missile; prestidigitation; proficency with bow (for arrows), crossbow (for bolts), or hand crossbow (for hand crossbow bolts); Cost 1k gp, 80 XP; Market Price: 2,000 gp

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