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Bot Programming[edit]

You're not a normal construct; you are much more limited in scope when it comes to your programming.
Prerequisite: Must be a construct or augmented construct.
Effect: You gain the bot subtype. You start with five programs plus one additional program per point of Intelligence or Wisdom bonus plus the Identify Creature and Identify Object programs, and you cannot learn the Mimic program. In order to take an action that is not allowed by your programming (such as attacking without the attack program), you must make a Will Save (DC 8 + your character level); even if you succeed, you take a −4 penalty to that action. If an action is not covered by a program, then it is allowable by default (by example, using Bluff would only require communication ×2, not a special bluff program). You can be pushed to take action through the Program skill like a normal bot, although you can resist it by making a Will Save (DC 15 + your character level). Because of a special failsafe, you are unable to use the Program skill on yourself.

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