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Mana is a strange form of magic that need ability to be used...for this it's not simple to be finded in little villages or other little communities, and in non-civilized cities and villages...for this, it rarely happens that uncivilized persons becomes both Barbarians and Spellcasters.

Sourcerous Warrior[edit]

Class Page The sourcerous warrior is, as you can deduce by the name, a Warrior that use the power of mana to create (and attack with) his sword, and can use his Wisdom as a dangerous weapon, more powerful than a warrior with his simple human sword.


Class Page The Elementalist use mana for creating elements basing only on fire, water, air and earth... a sort of alchemist that use mana in place of the Equivalent Exchange...remembering that every thing need to be exchanged with an equivalent value in Mana...

Taumaturgic Archer[edit]

Class Page The Taumaturgic Archer is a sort of Ranger, with a particular place of divine magic, he use Taumaturgy and Mana Power

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