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That fool sent the dead against me? I will send them back to their damned graves, with one new addition.
—Thoraxis, human bonelord

<-fluff about this prestige class->

Becoming a Bonelord[edit]

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Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any nonlawful.
Base Attack Bonus: +3.
Skills: Knowledge (religion) 8 Ranks, Craft (weaponsmithing) 4 Ranks.
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist.
Special: The character must possess clothing or weaponry adorned with bones crafted by himself.

Table: The Bonelord

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +0 +2 Monkly Skill, Skeletal Construction
2nd +2 +0 +0 +2 Aura of Awe
3rd +3 +1 +1 +3 Shatter Bones
4th +4 +1 +1 +3 Force Back
5th +5 +1 +1 +4 Mend Bones
6th +6 +1 +1 +4 Thorough Research, Chase Down
7th +7 +2 +2 +5 Giant's Presence, +1 use/day of Mend Bones
8th +8 +2 +2 +5 Lord of Terror
9th +9 +2 +2 +6 Improved Shatter Bones, +1 use of Mend Bones
10th +10 +3 +3 +7 Vision of Death

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level)
<-list of class skills->.

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the bonelord.

Monkly Skill (Ex): A bonelord's levels count as monk levels for the purpose of determining AC bonus, unarmed strike damage and his Flurry of Blows progression. If the bonelord has no monk levels, he is treated as a monk of a level equal to his class level.

Skeletal Construction: Gains a bonus Craft checks as long as bones are a component equal to half his Bonelord level. Items crafted from bones are also as durable as steel.

Aura of Awe (Ex): At 2nd level, a bonelord wearing bones emits a commanding presence on the battlefield, causing enemies within 10 feet to suffer -1 to Fortitude saving throws and -3 to Reflex and Will saving throws. Giant's Presence (Ex): A bonelord's presence grows with him, and at 7th level his size is treated as one stage larger for the purpose of determining melee attack damage with unarmed strikes.

Shatter Bones (Ex): At 3rd level, a bonelord gains the ability to injure skeletal enemies more effectively. You must declare that you are using this ability before you make your attack roll (thus, a failed attack roll ruins the attempt). By expending one Stunning Fist use for the day, you may add 1d6 damage to your damage roll. This ability can only be used once per round and only against skeletons. At 9th level, you choose to do 2d6 instead.

Force Back (Ex): At 4th level, a bonelord is able to control the flow of a fight. When making an unarmed strike, he can take a -2 penalty to his damage roll before making an attack. If attack hits, target is pushed back 5 ft, provoking attacks of opportunity. This ability cannot cause an attack deal below 0 damage.

Mend Bones (Su): At 5th level, a bonelord's connection to the essence of life deepens. Once per day, as a full round action, he may heal 2d8 damage + 1 point per bonelord level, as long as the target possesses a skeleton. He gains an additional use per day at 7th and 9th levels.

Chase Down: At 6th level, a bonelord can choose to follow the target, entering the space the target left. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Thorough Research: At 6th level, a bonelord has gained significant insight into his foes which he can apply elsewhere. He is now able to use Shatter Bones against humanoids, and may deal critical hits to humanoid undead.

Lord of Terror (Ex): At 8th level, a bonelord is so fearsome in a fight that he can cause enemies to be shaken from his mere presence. He can make an Intimidate check against enemies in melee combat range as a free action as long as he is wearing bones.

Vision of Death (Su): At 10th level, a bonelord becomes an avatar of death and destruction. If he is wearing bones when he kills an enemy, all enemies within 15 feet must make a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Wis modifier). An enemy who fails this saving throw enters a blind panic and flees from the bonelord by the best and fastest means available to them. They flee for 3 rounds (18 seconds). If they cannot flee, they cower (giving any attack rolls against them a +2 bonus). If the bonelord approaches within 5 feet, they overcome their cowardice and fight back as normal. Undead enemies flee for 5 rounds (30 seconds).


A bonelord who becomes lawful refuses to use any bone-adorned gear and cannot gain more levels as a bonelord. He retains all other benefits of the class.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a <-class name->[edit]

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<-pluralized class name-> in the World[edit]

Fear cuts deeper than swords.

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<-class name-> Lore[edit]

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