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Some who feel the call of battle feel their blood quicken as they take hold of their weapons, and are neigh on unstoppable vanguards of battle.


Beginning at third level when you choose this path you gain a number of temporary hit points when you enter rage equal to your constituion modifier plus your Barbarian level. These extra hit points expire when your rage ends.

Quickened Blood

Beginning at 6th level, while raging, you may take a bonus action during each of your turns to heal one hit point. You may also take an action to gain a number of temporary hit points equal to your barbarian level. If you use your action this way your rage does not end due to you not taking a hostile action.

Strength of Blood

Beginning at 10th level your blood becomes stronger, making you immune to disease and Poison

Bloodied Champion

Beginning at 14th level, whenever you kill a creature or score a critical hit against a creature that has blood you may take another action and move up to half of your speed. This ability may only be used once per turn.

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