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Some people are cursed by magic some by gods but some are used by there own body. The bloodlust anyone can have but some can loose them self in it and when they do they become savage beasts to friend and foe alike. There are few less scary things in the world than them

There is no stoping the craving there is only delaying it.

Whenever a creature is reduced to half hp within 30ft of you you must make a dc14 wis saving throw or loose your self. You can choose to loose your self if you wish but only by biting a creature. The bite does 1d4 damage.

When the blood lust takes over for the next minute these apply to you

-All semblance of strategy leaves you. You must attack the closest wounded creature. Ally or Foe alike

-While lusting the blood you are hardly subdued. You have advantage on athletics checks and charm and fear saves

-You become a beast wounds tear and become easy for you to open. You have advantage on attacks against targets with less than half health, all damage Dealt is increased by half Pro mod.

-But your defense fails you. attacks have advantage targeting you.

-You ignore pain and don’t know how much damage you take. You also gain your lvl in temp Hp.

-Because the rage makes you drink the blood you cannot rage like this again that day.

-You can not end this freely you have to wait it out.

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