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This is a campaign using the basis of the Bloodborne/Darksouls universe. Within the campaign are custom: Character Sheets (leveling), Armor Rules, Firearm Rules, Two unique 7 tier races, Corruption Rules, Custtom Stunning Rules, and a custom class. The DM only information is not included as this is mainly a reference for players. The DM only info includes a third unique race (i.e. lovecraftian horrors), all the new enemies, the background settings, the plot, and more.

Character Sheets[edit]

Media:BB Front Page.png

Media:BB Stats, Throws, Skills, and Money.png

Media:BB Attack.png

Media:Equipment BB.png

Media:BB All Feats.png

Media:BB All Spells.png

Media:BB Class Template.png

Armor Rules[edit]

Armor AC, BB Variant

Firearm Rules[edit]

Firearms, BB Variant



Tier I: Two Winged Angel, BB Variant

Tier II: Four Winged Angel, BB Variant

Tier III: Six Winged Angel, BB Variant

Tier IV: Eight Winged Angel, BB Variant

Tier V: Ten Winged Angel, BB Variant

Tier VI: Seraphim, BB Variant

Tier VII: Ascended Seraphim, BB Variant


Tier I: Minor Demon, BB Variant

Tier II: Lesser Demon, BB Variant

Tier III: Demon, BB Variant

Tier IV: Major Demon, BB Variant

Tier V: Greater Demon, BB Variant

Tier VI: Arch Demon, BB Variant

Tier VII: Abyssal Arch Demon, BB Variant


Corruption, BB Variant

Deep Flaws

Stun Rules[edit]

Stun Rules (Gun), BB Variant


Musketeer, BB Variant

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