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They are masters of blending in, they tend to stay in towns not drawing much attention to themselves, They may also act like the class/Profession they are/pretending to be

Physical Description[edit]

When in True form the look like a slightly shorter human the only noticeable difference is their Red eyes, Silver hair and Extremely Pale skin. In Shade form they look the same but in a black form with reddish tint. they stand at around 5 feet tall and wiegh about 100 to 130


The race in general isn't in good or bad relations with any race but relies on the individual shade.


They are most often of Chaotic alignment.


They are comfortable in any place that is capable of suiting their life.



It can learn to speak any language besides secret languages(Sylvan)


Their names are usually picked based on where they live

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Charisma +2 Dexterity -2 Constitution +2 for Charisma is because they are very skilled at influencing people +2 for Dexterity because of them being an agile race -2 Constitution because the race is not as sturdy as humans
  • Outside (Chaotic)
  • Medium: No size related bonuses
  • Blood Shades Base land speed is 35 feet:
  • Dark Vision 60 ft
  • 1d8 HD
  • Lesser Poly Morph. Can turn into any race its size.
  • Incorpreal. FormCan turn into a form a form similar to a ghost
  • Blood Orb. Roll 1d6 (advances every 3 levels so a char of level 3 does 1d8) + Charisma you take the amount of damage you roll and launch an orb that deals whatever your roll is + charisma
  • Automatic Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Any besides secret language* Favored Class: Thief
  • Level Adjustment: Level Adjustment of +2

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