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Blood Seekers[edit]


They normally adventure seeking a purpose that will satisfy them although killing super natural beings is a full filling job they get bored so they will often be seen taking odd jobs/contracts. Due to them also enjoying blood and battle they will often become assassins or bounty hunters.

Physical Description[edit]

They are beautiful humanoid creatures that stand around 6 to 7 ft tall, in spite of them being tall the are quite light and frail. Their skin is pale, Their hair usually is black with a red tint but can be any color, Their eyes are usually violet but can vary.


Most super natural/Abominations beings anger, them i say most because they only really like nature spirits/super natural beings, They get along with most humanoid races although some of the more extreme Blood Seekers will try to kill half blood races because of them being abominations in their eyes.


Usually Neutral but can vary.


They tend to prefer living in nature or in the country outside a town, they dislike living in the middle of a town but don't mind traveling through or staying their for a day or to any more and they get restless.


They don't worship any gods in particular but they mainly worship nature gods


Automatic: Common, Deep Speech. Bonus: Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Draconic, Sylvan, Elven, Dwarven, and under common. They learn most of these from hunting down the speakers of the language or speaking to the users because of them spending allot of time in nature has in rare cases allowed them to speak to fey.


The parents mainly give their children names from many different cultures/races.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom , -4 Constitution. +2 strength because this race is able to strong due to their lifestyle of hunting down abominations and super naturals, +2 Dex for them being a very agile race, +2 Charisma this race is beautiful and was said to have been made by a god of lust and war. -2 Wisdom although smart they are known for making rash decisions and due to their short attention they are not they wisest. -4 constitution because although they can throw a hit they are very fragile when it comes to taking a hit.
  • Humanoid (Shape Shifter)
  • Their Size is Medium
  • Blood Seeker base land speed is 50 feet.
  • Curse of the Blood Lust They do not need to eat or sleep (although they get angry and will be driven into blood rage if they don't eat or sleep and go on a killing spree) and don't age when they first kill they are forever driven to kill more
  • Blood Rage as a side affect of The curse after they kill someone they are driven into a fury losing -2 wisdom +2 strength during this time and are given another +1 to strength every 10 kills. It wears off 2 turns after they are all dead the blood seeker will then start either drinking their blood or eat the corpse. (if they are killed during blood rage they go into a Ungodly rage they have to roll an 1d20 and get 17+ gaining +4 strength and +2 dex but lose all sense of who their allies are and strike at anything that moves)
  • Shape Shift they can change form into any medium sized humanoid or Aberration
  • Tendrils you get 4 tendrils that deal 1d6 and goes up to 1d8 at level 8. these can be used but can only use 2 per turn if they don't have a balance of 12
  • Favored Class: Can be any class but prefer a class that hunt super natural or abominations. They also might become an assassin or other race that kills allot or they might go towards nature. (Rarely become a religion based class but might happen)(Ex for class,_Jay_Variant_(3.5e_Class))
  • Level Adjustment: +3

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