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Blood Revenant[edit]

Blood Hunter Subclass

Blood Revenant is an ancient tradition of the Blood Hunters handed down from ancient times based on complete control of blood in an offensive and defensive way. To fully learn the arts of blood control you have to train from an early age, many change their course during training, others die during training, the few who succeded have enormous power. They can use their blood to attack, curse, defend and incapacitate enemies, while at the same time use the blood of their enemies to heal themselves or create companions of blood to fight with him. This type of training is the supreme form of survival, and even when death seems inevitable there is always a way to escape it.

Tracking Master[edit]

Through combat you have honed your techniques in controlling the blood by manipulating yours and that of the enemies to your advantage. At level 3 you gain the ability to transfuse your blood and track the injured.

  • If an illness or poison is in your blood and you find a healthy humanoid creature with enough blood to transfuse you can make a 2 Hr ritual by exchanging his blood with your own.
  • You also have an advantage in investigation rolls used to examine traces of blood.

Blood Controller[edit]

At level 7 you gain the ability to steal blood from nearby wounded creatures. You can spend an action to subtract up to 2 liters of blood from a creature . every time you damage a creature within 5 feet of you, you steal 1 liter of their blood.

  • After a small creature has lost 5 liters of blood, it has a disadvantage on all the attack rolls
  • After a meadium creature has lost 7 liters of blood, it has a disadvantage on all the attack rolls
  • After a large creature has lost 10 liters of blood, it has the disadvantage on all the attack rolls

You can store up to 5 extra Liters of blood in your body.

  • You can spend liters of blood to cure yourself equal to the character level per liter, 2 uses for short or long rest.

As Hard as Steel[edit]

At level 11 you gain the ability to harden the blood of enemies You can use an action to harden the blood of a wounded creature within 30 Ft from you, that creature must perform a constitution saving trow (DC20), in a failure from the creature sprouts blood fragments, the target suffers 2d10 bleeding damage, in a success the effects are halved.

  • Your attacks on that creature give you 1 liter of extra blood for 2 turns,
  • 2 uses for long rest.


At level 15 increases the number of liters that can be stored to a maximum of 10. You learn to harden the blood to defend yourself or to strengthen the weapon

  • You can spend liters of blood to reduce the damage you would suffer from an attack of 1d6 per liter, once for short or long rest.
  • You can harden the blood on the weapon to increase its damage by 2 for 2 liters of blood. This effect last 2 turns

Weakness Exlpoit[edit]

At level 17 your attacks on a bleeding enemy only require a 19 to crit, critical hits double the amount of blood obtained from the attack.

  • You can spend 8 liters of blood to create a copy of you with your weapons and your armor class.

This image has 1d6 hp x blood hunter level and his weapon is permanently hardened. When its hp go down to 0 you can continue to supply 2 liters of blood x turn to continue fighting even at 0 hp or recall the blood gaining 2 liters back.

  • 1 time per long rest.


At level 20 when your hp are reduced to 0 you can steal the blood of a wounded creature within 10 Ft creature by inflicting 1d10 damage and gaining double the amount.

  • Also at any time you can harden your Blood Image and make it detonate, sending blood fragments in all directions.

Creatures must make a saving throw with disadvantage. on a failure they suffer 4d8 bleeding damage and are incapacitated for 1 turn.

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