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Blood Plate: This deep crimson, seemingly blood-seeped armor looks almost demonic, with sharp spikes and gauntlets fashioned to make the fingers look longer and sharper. Legends say it is an ancient armor that loves to drink the blood of its opponents and helped many vampires to feed their thirst.

This crimson +4 spiked full plate is crafted to look sharp and sinister. By speaking a command word, the armor gives its wearer the ability to use vampiric touch as the spell cast by a 10th level caster 3 times per day. Also, after successfully using one of the daily uses of vampiric touch, the wearer may will the armor as a free action to infuse him with some of its power, gaining the benefits of a false life spell cast by a 10th level caster.

Faint (DC 20) Necromancy;CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, false life, vampiric touch; Cost 22350 gp (plus 1650 gp for masterwork full plate), 1788 XP, 45 days; Activation: Use Activated, Command Word (see text); Weight: 50 lb. lb.; Market Price: 46350 gp

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