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Blood-Oath Dagger: This +1 dagger has an ivory carved handle etched with crimson vine-like patterns. A star ruby rests in the center of its hilt. It allows it’s wielder to make an oath as proof of her honor. To do this, the oath maker would have to wet the blade with her blood, grasp it firmly and simply swear any oath aloud. This causes the blade to absorb the blood and the jewel to glow momentarily. The oath would only be binding if she is in complete control of herself. Also, the oath must be reasonably possible. Still, phrasing the oath properly can make it so, for instance, one cannot swear to drink the whole ocean but one can swear to do all that is possible to rid the world of the ocean. Depending on what is sworn, the oath maker can be bound for life such as a promise never to lie or just until it is obtained such as an oath to protect until the end of a journey. If it is a task, the oath maker has it in her mind constantly and feels strongly compelled to keep all actions in line with the duty. Any other promise causes emotional disquiet even disgust if she even thinks of breaking the oath. Any willful action breaking an oath requires a DC 11 Will check. Breaking an oath causes a -2 penalty to all ability scores for each infraction or every day not attempting fulfillment, each penalty lasting 24 hours. Ability scores cannot go below 1. Some circumstances such as imprisonment can impede an oath. Attempting to change those circumstances is attempting oath fulfillment. Only unavoidable failure, fulfillment, wish or miracle can terminate the binding.

Moderate enchantment;CL 11; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Geas/Quest; Cost Cost 23,751gp + 1900xp; Market Price: 47,502gp

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