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Blind Fighter[edit]

Sight Without Sight (Level 1)[edit]

You have no eyes, and cannot see. Instead, you can sense your surroundings through supernatural means. You gain the following changes:

  • You have blindsight out to 30 feet, and cannot see past this point.
  • Your blindsight is based in echolocation, electromagnetic sense, aura reading, or similar. You will not fall for purely visual illusions; in fact you will not even be aware they are there. However, you can still fall for semi-corporeal, or sound-based illusions.
  • You cannot read written text, unless it is carved; i.e braille or similar.

Sharpened Senses (Level 7)[edit]

Honing your other senses to compensate for the lack of sight, you gain further advantages.

  • You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) skills that rely on hearing.
  • You can no longer be surprised.

Practically Precognitive (Level 13)[edit]

You gain new senses that can no longer be defined through hearing, touch, taste, or smell.

As a reaction to being targeted by an attack, you can enforce disadvantage on the attack roll, as well as all other rolls made against you, until the start of your next turn. Once you do so, you cannot use this feature again until you make a short rest, or score a critical hit in combat.

Sight Beyond Sight (Level 18)[edit]

Your blindsight now extends to 60 feet.

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