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Blessing of the Yakshinis [General][edit]

You come from an ancient Druidic Circle led by dryads, now leaving it behind on a pilgrimage to spread the teachings of the Old Way as a Flower Maiden, while being granted the blessings of nature itself to guide your path.
Prerequisite: Cibola, Hissi, Human, Yzmeri, Nyanya,Neutral Alignments only; 5 Ranks in Knowledge Arcana, Knowledge Nature, Knowledge Planes, Knowledge Religion, Survival, and Spellcraft
Benefit: Your character gains the following determined by a specific ecosystem they venture in:

[Forest]: Your character's aging slows while excellerating immunities, granting a temporary Resistance 10 vs Acid, Necrotic, and Poison, while also blessing the character with a +4 bonus to Fortitude Saves.

[Grassland]: Your character gains temporary Speak with Animals and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on all Handle Animal, Survival, and gains a +10 speed increment unless moving in muddy or rocky terrains.

[Desert]: Your character gains a +4 competence bonus on all Listen, Search, Spot, and Survival checks when attempting to find food, water, or shelter in a desert environment. You gain a +4 Fortitude Saving bonus vs enduring extreme hot and cold conditions while moving through a desert, and are 15% less prone to conditions such as Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Light Blindness.

[Tundra]: Your character becomes particularly hardy in extreme terrains, gaining a temporary Resistance 10 vs Cold, Sonic, and Bludgeoning damage types while in Tundra terrains, while also gaining a +4 bonus to all Strength checks.

[Freshwater]: Your character may sacrifice a spell slot to add a +8 bonus to all Balance, Escape Artist, Hide, Move Silently, Survival, and Swim checks. If you sacrifice a spell slot in this manner, it cannot be regained unless taking a full rest of eight hours unimpeded, but cannot be caught flat-footed while using any of this skills while in freshwater.

[Ocean]: Your character temporarily gains the ability of Discern Location so long as they're in an Ocean terrain, but the ability only applies to targets within an ocean's ecosystem, while also being able to use the ability Know Direction and Location in Ocean terrains; your character gains a temporary +4 bonus to swim checks, and the supernatural ability to breathe underwater.

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