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Blade of Dusk: The origins of this weapon are shrouded in mystery and legend. Some say it was forged by an evil deity with the intention of bringing destruction to all. Some say it is the soul of a bloodthirsty warrior given weapon form to forever sate his lust. Regardless of the truth this weapon is truly powerful and absolutely evil. Those who manage to control it's fearsome powers find that Dusk takes on weapon form it's wielder wishes it to be. In combat Dusk functions as +5 Masterwork Unholy Anarchic weapon of it's current form. Twice per day the wielder may cast any Inflict Spell as a 20th level caster. Additionally at sunset each day the wielder may add one other weapon trait with the exception of Bane, Dancing, Holy, Axiomatic, Merciful, or Throwing. This trait lasts until the next sunset.

Changing the form of the weapon is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

This weapon has a powerful will of it's own. Anytime someone tries to wield they run the risk of falling under the weapons control. Those who do go often into a violent rage and will attempt to slay any living being nearby not differentiating between friend and foe. Other times Dusk will not force them to kill but instead use them for other sinister purposes.

Depending on the wielders alignment it is more difficult or easier to gain dominance over Dusk, shown in the Dominance table below.

Success means the wielder has gained dominance over the weapon. However they may not unequip Dusk or equip any other weapon. A wielder can, after 24 hours attempt another will save to gain freedom from Dusk. Failure of this save does not mean they fall under Dusk's control.

Failure of the save means that the wielder has fallen under the control of Dusk. Once every 2 weeks the victim may attempt another will save to break free of it's control. (This does not grant dominance over Dusk, merely freedom, to gain dominance another will save must be taken.) While under Dusk's control the wielder may not unequip it or wield any other weapon.

Additionally a wielder of Dusk must make periodic will saves to resist the command of the blade. Failure of this save means the wielder has fallen under dusks control. A characters alignment makes the interval between saves longer or shorter, shown in the Blade Command table below.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->;

Table: Dominance[edit]

Alignment Will Save
CE DC 15
LE, NE DC 20
CN DC 25
N, LN DC 30
CG, NG DC 35
LG DC 40

Table: Blade Command[edit]

Alignment Will Save
CE 1/week
LE, NE 1/3 days.
CN 1/day
N, LN 1/12 hours.
CG, NG 1/2 hours
LG 1/hour

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