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A lunar archipelago inhabited by various bio-mechanical beings. A Bionicle campaign setting.

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NOTE: Bionicle's story and product owned by the Lego Company, this setting is a D&D 3.5 interpretation of the world they've created.
NOTE: Most information used in descriptions and most lists used in this setting are taken from [], the most expansive and most accurate Bionicle wiki out there.

Players' Handbook[edit]

Author's Note[edit]

My manifest, I guess.


Sapient, sentient species.


Class synopses and how they fit.

Fighter: After the final defeat of Makuta Teridax, many threats like rahkshi, skakdi, skrall and more were still left running rampant throughout the combined Bota Manga, encouraging matoran and agori to learn how to fight to defend themselves in whatever ways they could.

Rogue: The merging of Bota Manga left many opportunities for those with a quick wit, street smarts and natural talent with a weapon to make a profit helping others leading to rogues being quite common adventurers in the surrounding bota manga as they can be useful in both new cities and towns or in the endless wilds.

Ranger: The wilds of Bota Manga are quite dangerous and someone who knows their way and could serve as a guide for others could prove incredibly useful. The fact that rangers usually train rahi and aid their companions is quite useful too.

Paladin: A Toa whose commitment to Mata Nui and the three ideals of Unity, Duty, and Destiny is so strong that they have reached new heights of power and can defeat evil beings and heal wounds through expressions of elemental power.

Cleric: Using their belief in virtues or of elemental power, they channel that power to heal others and provide support for their homes and the surrounding area, often travelling from village to village to heal others and help as needed.

Bard: Travelling entertainers are usually welcome in many village, their various stories and performances livening up the night along with usually bringing news of the surrounding area.

Monk: Anyone can fight with their hands or improvised weapons but those that perfect these skills gain great power and often train other groups of fighters to protect the surrounding area or train other toa in the art of unarmed combat.

Sorcerer: A Matoran or Toa, mutated by energized protodermis or lightning, and given strange powers unlike any other Toa. Similar to the Toa Inika, their kanohi are organic and manifest odd, uncontrollable abilities.

Druid: The wilds of Bota Manga are often filled with fonts of power to draw from and druids also known as protectors tend to be sworn protectors of them and the surrounding area, using their elemental powers to protect the wilderness.

Wizard: A rare sight in the combined matoran/agori universe due to their relative newness, wizard's perform their power by mixing kanoka disks with various ingredients such as thornax fruit or zamor sphere to produce new elemental power effects or to enhance various objects.


How magic works in this setting, and spells that have been changed or removed.

magic is often elemental in nature, the spell names based on various toa, glatorian natural beasts or natural locations with non elemental ones considered quite unusual. The main designators for magic among matoran and agori are ice, water, stone, earth, fire, air, plantlife, lightning, shadow, light, psionics, iron, gravity, plasma, magnetism, sonics and vaccum. Toa and turaga tend to have a natural affinity and presence for this magic. Shadow magic (or necromancy in general is heavily frowned upon due to it's association with teridax. Spells that summon beasts or ask for aid among the planes or other dimensions are considered quite interesting if a bit dangerous. Magical traditions are based in various formulas or schools of thought or of elemental focused beliefs that work to help others. Magic itself is in a general or experimental phase where various techniques are being tried out

Onu Metru Archives, Chroniclers' Tablets, and the Will of the Great Spirit[edit]

Universal History[edit]

Documentation of the known events that have transpired throughout the history of the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna.

Places and their Geography[edit]

(Hopefully but probably not) All the documented places in the Matoran universe and Bota/Aqua/Bara Magna.


Documentation on the beginnings of the known universe.

Dungeon Master's Guide[edit]

Legendary Items[edit]

Masks, Toa weapons, and various creations of the Makuta.


(Hopefully, but probably not) All the creatures in the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna, statted out, for your ease of use.

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For DMs[edit]


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