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bind creature[edit]

your will is not your own

Level: 2 Component Cost: special
Category: Binding Market Price: 200*
Time: 2 hours Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 24+ hours, or until released, or until death

you must incapacitate or restrain a creature of lower level than you before this ritual may be performed, you must then draw a 10 foot diameter chalk circle around the creature(eternal chalk (page 171 adventurer's vault) works nicely), if the creature escapes the circle before completion, the ritual is a failure. this spell costs five healing surges and may be assisted by up to 4 others, assistants may only provide a maximum of 1 healing surge each. if anyone attempts to stop the creature from leaving the circle the ritual fails, and the one who attempted to stop the creature takes 4D10 necrotic damage and 2 ongoing necrotic damage that persists for 2 short rests. After the ritual has completed, creature does anything you ask of it that it is able to do. it will serve you until you or it is dead, you dismiss it, or after 24 hours. you may spend a healing surge every 12 hours to increase the duration by 24 hours. if the creature is serving you for over 30 days the creature is bound to you permanently( or at least until dismissal or death). you can only control 3 creature at a time and only 1 at a time that is not permanently bound. upon release, the creature falls into a deep sleep for 12 hours and then wakes with no knowledge of being bound and thinks that you merely spared its life rather than killing it. if brought into combat the creature uses the same stats it previously had but on the same initiate step as you.

arcana check: CW= creature's will less than CW = failure CW - CW+2 = creature retains partial control and may roll a DC 11 will check to resist an order they would normally refuse CW+3 - CW+5 = DC 17 will checks CW+6 or above = creature obeys all commands you make

  • this cannot be purchased except from evil NPCs
  • creatures larger than you and storyline characters cannot be affected by this ritual.
  • this ritual is considered evil and good based NPCs may try to stop the ritual and fight you.

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