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There are many creatures in the Exodus universe. Many of them are from other planets, with ammonia oceans or sulfur oceans. The Environment stat dictates which planet the creature is from and any characteristics it may have from the environment. For example, Cold means they have Cold resistance, while Very Cold means they have Cold immunity. Also, if a Cold creature is in a Warm place (habitable by humans), they get hurt from the ambient temperature. Other characteristics are Aquatic, which means they can breathe liquid; although if they live in an ammonia ocean, they can't breathe water. Others are Radiation Resist, which has a I, II, or higher after it. This means that they have a natural armor that protects them against radiation the same as a Radiation Suit that never gets destroyed. If a creature ingests a creature from another biochemistry, then they take poison damage that cannot be resisted by poison resistance or immunity, but can be saved against by vomiting it up, for example. The upside to this is if a Carrion Crawler uses its Tentacles attack against another biochemistry, then the latter is immune to the poison. Therefore, humans are immune to other biochems' poisons and vice versa.


Base: Arclight Phoenix
Environment: None
Biochemistry: None
Deviations: Moderate Radiation 10 feet,
This creature can only be manufactured, usually from high voltages or electrical experiments.

Ball Lighting

Antlion Goliath

Base: Ankheg
Environment: Methane/Ethane, Cold
Biochemistry: Arduinnian
Deviations: This creature has cold resistance and a speed of 10 feet.
This creature is from Arduinna, the third planet from the Sun. They usually burrow underground and, with mud and leaves covering the entrance to their tunnel, hide until prey steps onto the trap and falls into the antlion's mouth.

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