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This magic belt is coveted by druids, rangers, and centaurs alike.

This belt appears to be made out of tough plant fibers, preserved in such a way as to never brown or rot, and as tough as leather. It has two different properties, depending on what race the belt is worn by.

When worn by a human or half-elf, the belt allows them to become a centaur for up to eight hours per day, divided up as they see fit. When in this form they gain the physical ability scores of an average centaur (18 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 15 Constitution) or retains their own if they are higher, a +3 base bonus to natural armor, and an increase in base land speed to 50 feet as well as all the benefits and penalties associated with the large-size quadruped form. Any equipment besides the belt that does not reside solely on the upper body is merged into the new form (for example, Full Plate would be merged, while a chain shirt would not unless the person wished it to be, though its effectiveness may be reduced (DM's call)). They gain no other benefits of the centaur race without additional magic. Also see the variant below.

When worn by a centaur, this belt allows them to take the form of a human for up to eight hours per day, divided up as they see fit. This can be very useful, allowing them to do such things as climb ropes and ladders, as well as fit through smaller spaces and within taverns and the like. A centaur in human form becomes medium sized, retains their own strength, dexterity, and constitution scores, has a new base land speed of 30 feet, and loses their +3 base bonus to natural armor. They retain all skills, feats, and the 60' darkvision that they normally have as a centaur. When in human form, any worn equipment that does not fit on a human body temporally merges into the new form. The belt also conjures underwear and pants made of the same vegetable material while in human form, for convenience, though it does not conjure footwear.

When worn by any other race, the belt does not function.

The belt radiates a moderate aura of transmutation magic if viewed with detect magic. It is worth 9,000 gp.

To Create: 4,500 GP, 360 XP, Craft Wondrous Item, Polymorph or Wild Runner (SC 239)


Large-sized creatures with medium-sized creature-like torsos (such as a centaur or a drider) use the same weapons as medium creatures. The reasoning behind this is that, for example, a centaur has the same sized arms, hands, and torso as a human or half-elf, regardless of how much space their horse body may take up or the strength their horse body gives them.

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