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<Beachblush Warforged>[edit]

This model of Warforged is mechanically identical to what is represented by Wizards of the Coast, the change comes in appearance. It is designed to be used in any campaign set in Beachblush. Note: since they're mechanically intentical to regular Warforged, I will only be addressing the history, appearance etc of the race, not stats or gameplay affecting things.

Physical Description[edit]

Beachblush Warforged are almost humanoid, barring one feature, their large, rounded-cube like heads which have a screen where a face would be. While this screen is typically black, when overcome with intense emotion it may show abstract colors or images, and when the warforged intends to show something it may bring up an image on the screen. These boxes have two antenna protruding out, the left of which is unscrewed and screwed onto the right antenna during a long rest to gather arcane energy from the air. They are powered by two sources, combining magic and steam power. Beachblush Warforged have smooth, matte, grey skin, and as usual area completely genderless.

They typically stand between 6 and 8 feet tall.


Created by Lucio the Tyrant during his siege of the country, the Beachblush Warforged were automated military leaders designed to ruthlessly tear through towns and villages. But after Lucio's death, many of the Warforged shut down, and those that weren't were hunted down and killed. As far as the public knows, there is only one Beachblush Warforged left,

Commander, the leader of Frostshine, who, after realizing the damage they were causing, made it their new goal to better the town it had been their duty to destroy. Commander became so dedicated to this betterment that when the hunters came to take them, the villagers banded together to protect Commander, he has been their leader ever since.

However, a group of 243 Warforged were able to covertly leave and flee to the Impossible Range, and once they were further than any humans could make it, they made their own, secret town known as Freedom's Peak. Further reading can be found on my page.


Given that there are only a few of these Warforged left, in a majority of Uplar, a "society" of sorts doesn't exist to any real degree. However, in Freedom's Peak, the only remaining group of Warforged have developed a culture of sorts.

In the 1004 years since it's creation, Freedom's Peak has evolved differently from the rest of the world, for example, there are no schools, since there are no Warforged children, and no restaurants, since they don't eat. Imported and exported goods don't happen at all, due to the nature of being a hidden civilization.

There is a very powerful spell keeping the town at a habitable temperature, one that's very similar to Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion, but is operated on a much larger scale, and the work of maintaining this spell is given to a rotating crew of civilians.

Beachblush Warforged Names[edit]

Beachblush Warforged are named after their prior military rank.

Names Commander, Lieutenant, Corporal, Officer etc.


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