Battle Plate of the War Chief (5e Equipment)

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Armor (Plate Armor), Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

A full set of enchanted Orcish battle armor with enchantments to suit the fiercest of fighters.

General Information About the Armor AC 19, Req: Str 17, Disadvantage on Stealth, weight 60 lbs Requires Fighter Level 6

This armor is full set of Orcish plate armor with layered chainmail and a thick gambeson. The plates are made of a dark green metal with heavy studs marked into the pauldrons and gauntlets. A pair of horns jut from the cheeks of the helmet pointed forward, and a red tassel decorates the top. There's a red orcish rune painted on to the chest for "fury" that cannot be removed or covered up by means magical or mundane. The armor magically adjusts itself to the attuned wearer the first time the wearer dons the armor, making itself a perfect fit.


This armor is cursed, this curse cannot be broken with out destroying the armor completely. The curse only activates when a creature is first attuned to the armor, and it's effects will end once the user is no longer attuned to the armor. While attuned to the armor, the red sigil on the chest is marked on to the left cheek of the the attuned creature, and the attuned creature suffers -2 Cha. The attuned creature is more irritable in general and more openly wrathful in battle, and gains the benefits of the "Blessing of Fury".

Blessing of Fury

When combat begins you enter a battle fury.

Each turn the creature must make a wisdom save. On a failed save you must use your action to attack the nearest creature, or spend your movement and, if necessary use the Dash action to move towards the nearest creature.

When you kill a hostile creature with a melee weapon attack, for one minute, once on each of your turns, you can roll a d4 and add it to a melee weapon attack or the damage of a melee weapon attack. This bonus stacks for each hostile creature you kill, to a maximum of 3d4.

During battle fury you suffer disadvantage on all saving throws except for strength and constitution.

Soothe the Savage Beast

An close friend or intimate partner as determined by your DM can spend their action to calm you, allowing you to take your action without making the wisdom save. This action can be performed at the start of the your turn regardless of the helping individual's position in the initiative order.

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