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Banjo the Clown[edit]

Lesser Deity
Symbol: The Banjo
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Bards, Puppets, Merriment, Fun
Clergy Alignments: Any nonlawful
Domains: Song, Word
Favored Weapon: The banjo

Banjo the Clown is a lesser-known god of chaos. He is not currently in any pantheons, but he is open for invitations in order to increase his number of loyal followers. He is the embodiment of good times and merriment. Banjo is, by all means, a clown hand-puppet, gifted with the powers of the gods. But he does not tolerate other beings to look down on him because of this fact, and is prone to smite those who are shown to not believe in his power.


Banjo is tolerant of all ways of life, except for those of evil liches. Banjo wisely believes that the consumer best knows how to spend his or her hard earned money. He hates senseless killing, but he does not tolerate those that mock him of his lesser god, or clown, status.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Church of Banjo has no current physical temple, but Banjo's followers often worship from any place that they so choose to bring him.


Banjo the Clown is a deity that was created by Elan the bard from the Order of the Stick. Elan created Banjo while the Order of the Stick was exploring the Dungeon of Dorukan on a mission and their resident cleric, Durkon Thundershield, had gone missing. Elan created Banjo to be the diety he would serve after multiclassing to cleric, and taking over the clerical duties for the team. Though Elan'd group leader, Roy Greenhilt, expressed disbelief towards the notion that Elan could be a cleric to a God that he created, Elan explained that he only needed to be a cleric of a "cause", this "cause" being Banjo's teachings and philosophy.

Although Banjo started out as a simple clown puppet, he soon showed his true power as Elan was able to preform a small example of divine smiting upon Roy, a declared unbeliever, even though the Church of Banjo had only one follower at the time. Elan attempted to get the rest of the members of the Order of the Stick to join the Church of Banjo, so that Banjo could continue smite Roy with more strength. Although Elan managed to enlist two members from the group, The Church of Banjo was quickly abandoned after Haley Starshine and Belkar Bitterleaf, the only two worshipers other than Elan himself, lost interest in Banjo's cause and Durkon returned. Although Banjo was temporarily forgotten, Elan the Bard predicted that one day, he would rise as a more evil incarnation: Banjulhu!

Banjo has also recently gained the following of an island tribe of orcs. Those orcs now worship Banjo's brother, Giggles the Clown, god of slap-stick, also created by Elan. As Banjo and Giggles are meant to be equally powerful rivals, these orc worshipers increase the power of both puppet gods.


At the present time Banjo has the following Divine Abilities:

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