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The ballista box is a light artillery piece that can be folded into a compact form. This makes it easy for several to be stored in castle towers or wagons for rapid deployment. Setting the box down is a minor action. It takes one round for it to unfold into its ballista form. The box has to be places into an adjacent empty square. It has a universal joint that allows it to point in any direction. Re-boxing it is a standard action. Loading the ballista with ammunition is a move action.

If attacked, the ballista has AC 15, Fort 12, Ref 12, Will —, 35 hit points, and is immune to psychic and poison damage.

The ballista weighs 35 lb. and costs 150 gp; each bolt weighs 2 lb and costs 1 gp.

Ballista Box Attack
Within a minute, a battery of ballistas was deployed along the battlements and begain launching bolts at the besiegers.
Standard Action Ranged 40
Requirement: You must be adjacent to the ballista box, and it must be loaded with a bolt.
Attack: Level + 5 Vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 5 damage and the target is pushed 1 square.
Level 21:2d8 + 5 damage

Special Ammunition[edit]

The ballista box may fire these special types of bolt.

Flaming Bolt. The tip has been prepared with a pitch coating. It takes a minor action to light the tip of a bolt loaded into the ballista. The attack roll is Level + 4. It deals an additional 1 fire damage, and may ignite flammable materials.

Duplex Bolt. This is two slender bolts loosely tied together, that split apart during flight. On a successful hit, it deals 3 damage to the target and 3 damage to a creature adjacent to the target.

Hammerhead Bolt. This bolt has a broad steel head that is useful for damaging structures. Its range drops to 20 squares, but it deals double damage against objects.

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