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April Fools!
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Bal-Staff: A simple quarter staff, with the ashes of Balthac infused into it.

After Balthac was defeated by Mitzusaka Eizo, Ra(h)-f(ff)(ph)-i(ii)(ee)-k(kk)-i(ii)(ee) was hurt and took his ashes to their local pub and created the wall of heroes. Soon the pub was destroyed and seeing how his only friends was once again destroyed he took his Ball Staff and absorbed Balthac's ashes in the Metallic balls and gained his essence in them forever.

The holder must be able to defeat Balthac at a drinking contest (Fort save DC 30) and must prase him after every victory large or small. When using the Bal-Staff you must use a ready action to call upon the essence of Balthac. You then gain +1 to BaB for 1d6 rounds or summon Balthac for one round. (DMs choice)
"Holy" Pub; CL 9; Weight: 5kg. lb.

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