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Badly Drawn[edit]

You are badly drawn; that's what you get for getting involved in that Cult when you were younger. Your proportions change from day to day, with various penalties.
Effect: At the start of the day, roll on the Badly Drawn Penalties Chart below, gaining a random body distortion which affects you for the next 24 hours. You also take a −2 penalty on Diplomacy and Intimidate due to triggering many people's disgust at your proportions.

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Badly Drawn Penalties Chart
! 1d8 Name Effect
1 Covered in Pouches Your pockets have pockets; drawing items take one step longer to complete (free becomes move, move becomes standard, standard becomes full-round, full-round becomes 1 round, and so forth).
2 Distorted Neck Your neck practically fuses into your body seamlessly, and you can't turn your head correctly. Flanking creatures gain a +4 bonus to attack against you instead of +2, and you take a −4 penalty on Spot checks.
3 Extreme Costume your clothes were ripped right out of the 90s, all grimdark and spiky and absurd. All the absurd belts and zippers increase your armor check penalty by 6 and arcane spell failure by 15%.
4 Gritted Teeth You can't stop making grimacing faces. You suffer a 20% chance each round whenever you attempt to speak or use vocal components, or your words are muffled. If you fail, the penalties last for 1 round.
5 Teeny Tiny Feet Your feet are far too small for your massive legs. You take a −10 penalty on Balance checks, and your speed is reduced as if wearing heavy armor.
6 T-Rex Arms Your reach is reduced as a creature one size smaller, and your weapon damage becomes as a weapon one size smaller.
7 Youngblood's Disease Your eyes are squinted and you are half blind. Everyone has 20% concealment to you.
8 Bad Luck Roll twice, ignore 8s

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