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Posod is a large city of approximately 700,000 residents. It is the central city of the nation of Hextra, being three times larger than the next largest city (Devron). Posod was where the globally renowned company Tribal Technologies was founded, but it quickly spread to the rest of the world. C16 Corporation and Venus Labs were founded in the nations of Myrradon and Reiv, respectively, and have also become economic and research powerhouses throughout modern society. All three of these corporations (sometimes shortened to TT, C16 and Venus) can be found with research facilities and/or factories in every city with a population of 50,000 or more. These three corporations alone make up 68% of the GIP (Gross International Product).

In every household and every office building, C16 Corporation's inventions can be found half a dozen to the room. Specializing in electronic and mechanical sciences as well as physics and inorganic chemistry, C16 has revolutionized day to day life in modern society by creating new and more efficient ways to do nearly everything, from the actual construction of buildings to heating water on the stove. The most recent C16 project nearing completion is the first efficient fusion reactor, which could quickly revolutionize society.

Venus Labs prides itself not on what it believes to be technological advancement, but what it sees as evolution. Scientists at Venus have delved into pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, as well as biology and organic chemistry. Leading the field in medical advancements, Venus Labs became such a powerhouse by inventing not only the modern Medkit, but also the Stimpack, a boon to those everywhere who work in a dangerous field. In the last month, Venus has announced that they have created a prototype genetic mutator that can artificially generate positive genetic enhancements.

Tribal Technologies is one of the earliest corporations to span the world, and it did so producing weaponry. Since the invention of the revolver, Tribal Technologies has been producing vast arrays of weaponry and armor. Always one step ahead of the curve, Tribal Technologies creates almost exclusively prototype materials, which smaller manufacturers buy the rights to produce. Those manufacturers pay a small amount of the profits of their output back to TT. Holding contracts with at least 100 small arms and armor manufacturers worldwide, Tribal Technologies has all the revenue it needs to fund research not only for simple and efficient weaponry, but also very oddball military technology as well.

Other small corporations can be found throughout Posod, but many are national or local companies that simply cannot compete on the global scale with the three megacorporations. These small companies, however, may offer very specialized equipment or training to those who seek their services.

For reasons unknown, over the past month, security measures have been phased in across the city of Posod. First, a citywide curfew was put into effect, prohibiting travel between city districts at night. Security checkpoints were set up on the connecting roads between districts, and the main highways through town were completely shut down at night. After a week in which little else happened, all transit to and from the city was suddenly blocked off by the Hextra army, and martial law was put into effect. A communications blocking signal began to transmit all over the city, stopping any outside connections from reaching the residents. All outside internet sources were filtered to remove any data as to why martial law was enacted. Outgoing wireless signals such as radios and cell-phones are disrupted, but inter-city calls and broadcasts still work perfectly. Finally, about a week ago, all citizens were required to acquire a pass to any district in which they worked. All access to other districts besides those in which a person lives and works is restricted, and checkpoints are always manned. Travel between city districts at night is completely prohibited. No one seems to know what is happening, although conspiracy theories abound. Everything from a hostile takeover to a global infection has been suggested.

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