Axe of the Arctic Defender (3.5e Equipment)

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Axe of the Arctic Defender: A +5 keen icy burst vorpal battleaxe forged by master dwarven and poladar blacksmiths and blessed by a great sorcerer, it was made for a poladar chief, this weapon is, for the benefit of overcoming damage reduction magical, and chaotic. This battleaxe is one of a kind and is passed down from chief to chief of the poladar and cannot be bought for any amount of money (thus making it priceless). In the hands of a non-poladar, this weapon becomes a +4 keen icy burst, as the sorcerer keyed this weapon to respond to the hands of a poladar more than any other being.

This item can raise it's wielder's strength score by 4 points for 1d6 rounds twice a day, but only if the wielder is a poladar.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->;

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