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Armor (Full body chain mail), Legendary (Requires attunment)

This metal chain mail armor has a faint light blue glow. Whilst it seems to be a weak set of body armor, it actually is very powerful when it comes to defense. Your AC increase by 1

Automatic AC increase While attuned to this armor, every one of your turns, it will increase your AC by 1, to a maximum of 5, but you loose the gained AC when you get hit with any attack, magic or not. If you manage to keep the AC at the increased 5 for 10 rounds whilst fighting, you will loose the gained AC but will be resistant to all non-magical damage for 5 turns, the AC cannot increas while this is functioning. After the 5 turns, the effect stops and your AC resets. The resistance effect cannot take place when you are not fighting, but the increased AC can.

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