Austerring Mirovsky-Mega Particle Weapon/Man-Portable Type XVII "Breaker Rifle" (D20 Modern Equipment)

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The Austerring Mirovsky-Mega Particle Weapon/Man Portable Type XVII, nicknamed the “Breaker Rifle,” is one of the most powerful particle weapons ever created. It is a shoulder-mounted weapon with an extremely boxy appearance, slightly resembling in shape a Spartan Laser. It launches a stream of Mirovsky-Mega particles formed from condensed neutrons, and this stream is capable of burning through anything with impunity. No known material or energy field can stop this weapon’s discharge.

Range: 1000ft

Weight: 116lbs

Size: Huge

Ammunition: 3 Shots Mirovsky-Mega Particle Cell

Price: 67 (Ill (+4))

The Breaker Rifle discharges a 25ft tall, 25ft wide, 1000ft long cylindrical beam of Mirovsky-Mega Particle Energy. Anything within this cylinder must pass a DC25 Fortitude Save or be disintegrated. The entire target is disintegrated—equipment is not left behind. Anything that passes this Fortitude Save takes 20d12 damage. DR or Energy Resistance will not reduce this damage. The Breaker Rifle uses a special Mirovsky-Mega Particle Cell (Price DC 62 (Ill (+4))) for ammunition. Each Cell contains enough energy for 3 shots with the weapon. The Breaker Rifle will only contain one Cell at a time. After each discharge, an internal limiter forces the weapon to cool down, requiring 1d4 rounds of cool-down time after each shot. With a Repair DC35 and 8 hours of non-stop work, the internal limiter may be removed and the weapon fired once every round, but at the severe risk of catastrophe. Each time after the first shot, if the weapon is not given at least 1 round to cool off there is a cumulative 20% chance that the weapon will detonate upon firing. If the weapon detonates, the radius and damage caused varies by the number of shots left in the Cell. The base blast radius is 20ft times the number of shots remaining in the Cell. Everything within 360 degrees must pass a DC25 Fortitude save or be disintegrated. The unfortunate person holding the Breaker Rifle when it detonates does not get a Fortitude Save; the poor fool is instantaneously reduced to sub-atomic particles. If the Fortitude Save is successful, the person who made the save takes 20d12 damage times the number of shots remaining in the Cell. For every round that the weapon is allowed to cool down, this reduces the cumulative overload chance by 5%, eventually reducing it to 0% after the fourth round; this will not cause the overload chance to become negative. The Austerring Mirovsky-Mega Particle Weapon/Man Portable Type XVII "Breaker Rifle" and its Mirovsky-Mega Particle Cell are listed as Illegal not because the weapon is against the law to possess, but that this technology is not supposed to exist, and its acquisition was most certainly illegal unless due proof of its requisition is given (This holds true for any Progress Level).

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