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Attuned Blood: Attuned Blood is a wondrous item that can only be made by a Bender of the Sanguine. It has many complex properties including being infused with magical liquids and then enchanted. It is considered highly valuable if enchanted with permanency as that allows it to be used by other classes as well as giving it the aability to retain its form when exposed to air.

A Bender of the Sanguine always carries a certain amount of blood with them called attuned blood. This is blood made by the Bender of the Sanguine using their class skill Bloody Hands on a living creature (wheather that be themselves or another creature. This process creates a gallon of attuned blood (roughly 10 lbs of blood but the real weight is 8 lbs). A Bender of the Sanguine may have 2 gallons of attuned blood per level in the Bender of the Sanguine class.

Attuned blood can be completely and totally controlled by the [Bender of the Sanguine (3.5e Class)

Faint (DC 15) Technique;CL ; ; Activation: See text.; Weight: 10 per gallon lb.; Market Price: Not applicable.

Table: Attuned Sand Required to Trap Creatures by Size[edit]

Size Bender of the Sanguine
Fine 1/2 gallon or less
Diminutive 1 gallon
Tiny 1 1/2 gallon
Small 3 gallon
Medium 6 gallon
Large 12 gallon
Huge 24 gallon
Gargantuan 48 gallon
Colossal + 80 gallon or more

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