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Western, Roman Chaliy ([1])

The great southern continent of Asleica is a vastly diverse nation, both in environment and in culture. Many races have called Asleica home over the millennia and with the unification and modernisation of the nation under the Empire of Man three hundred years ago, each races unique and fascinating culture were mixed together in newly constructed cities and regions. It was no longer uncommon for Dwarven crafts or Elven enchantments to be sold at a street corner, or for Orcs and Half-lings to share a drink together in some wayside bar. For two hundred years Asleica prospered. New technologies were developed, airships became a common sight above great industrial centers, and society flourished.

However, times have changed. The longest winter in recorded history is now its one hundredth and sixty-third year, the bitter cold sweeping up from the south and settling over the continent. Those who could afford it fled to the warmer northern regions, where they still enjoy real food and wine, and live a life of luxury. Those who could not afford it were simply left to fend for themselves, with the occasional relief train arriving from the North carrying food, weapons, clothing, and medicine. The Empire of Man still claims dominion over the whole of Asleica, however, the Empires power has been greatly diminished as winter has continued and the South has fallen into anarchy.

This world isn't your grandfather's Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. Think of this as a dark and gritty western adventure, without the prarie and instead dark forests and towering snowy mountains. In a world of danger and lawlessness, ordinary folk discover the strength and hope to rise up from the ashes to become heroes. It is a world of the Lone Wanderer gunning down a raiding party of orcs threatening his township, a cunning rogue who uses her honeyed words to glean the location of an abandoned silver mine from a drunk prospector and a battle-hardened Aeronaut steering his battered Airship through the mist to begin his smuggling run.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide


This chapter explains how the various Dnd races figure into the world of Asleica and what place they have taken in society. Based off information taken from the 5e Player's Handbook and other Homebrewed sources.


A quick look at how the classes from the Player's Handbook and selected Homebrew classes of Dnd fit into the world and what roles they commonly find themselves in.

5e Equipment

Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available to characters.

Aeronautical information

A collection and analysis of the major deities of Asleica

World of Asleica


Time and History




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