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Ashanai, Blessed of Ashid[edit]

There is no place among the stars where you can hide from me; your darkness is feeble before my light, and I will burn away your every prospect for escape.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Ashid (Five Towers Supplement)

Ashid is the embodiment of justified vengeance, the sacred sun above, and the impartial arbiter; his followers and devotees exalt such qualities, taking his ideals to the greatest and most fanatical of extremes. Only the strongest, most loyal of his agents are to be rewarded, whereas those who fail meet with unrelenting punishment within his searing domain, tormented by flame and light beyond imagining. To those who do earn his favor, Ashid appropriates more of his expansive power in the form of direct solar intervention, abilities and feats well beyond those often wielded by even the most mighty of mortals, but equally expects their devotion furthered; all must answer to justice, no matter the crime.

You, as an agent of Ashid, are an implement of his will and act as a weapon against all of which is unjust, no matter its source.

Ashanai Path Features[edit]

Swathe of Searing Vengeance (11th Level):
Whenever you use a power and deal damage to an enemy who has struck you in this Encounter, you cause searing justice to all enemies within burst 3 of the target, striking them for Radiant or Fire damage equal to your Wisdom or Strength modifier; the damage dealt by your Swathe of Searing Vengeance can only occur once per target, per round. As a Free Action, you may set your wielded weapon into a shimmering glow of light, causing its damage to become Radiant; while it is in this state, it provides daylight of strength equal to the midday sun within burst 1 of you. Whenever you take Radiant damage or are struck by an ability which contains the Radiant keyword, you regain hit points equal to your Constitution modifier.
Blinding Radiance (11th Level):
Upon expending an action point, all enemy creatures within burst 1 of you are blinded and dazed until the start of your next turn in a burst of scalding light. In addition, any level of darkness within your burst is temporarily returned to daylight of strength equal to midday until the start of your next turn, revealing any creatures which were utilizing that darkness to hide, allowing you to ignore any concealment they had.
Sweltering Aura (16th Level):
Hostile creatures which have attacked you in this Encounter and begin their turn within burst 3 of you take a -2 penalty to all of their defenses until the end of their next turn, and take 5 Radiant or Fire damage upon dealing melee damage to you.

Solar Flare Ashanai Attack 11
An arc of fiery plasma dissipates into the air from your hand in a blossom of twisting light, carrying with it a concussive wave of immolating flame and superheated air, sweeping your foe to the ground while throwing his allies aside, blasting them with scorching heat.
Encounter Star.gif Divine, Radiant, Fire, Force, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged 20
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom or Strength Vs. Reflex or AC
Hit: 3[W] + Wisdom or Strength modifier Fire, Radiant or Force damage
Effect: The primary target of the attack is knocked prone, and all enemies within burst 3 of the targeted creature are pushed back 2 squares and dazed until the end of your next turn.
Special: Targets which cannot be pushed or knocked prone instead take an additional 1[W] + Wisdom or Strength modifier in damage.

Path to the Sun Ashanai Utility 12
Basking in the divine strength of the sun, even in the purest and most sinister of darkness, you can oust those who seek to slow or subvert you, denying them their opportunity to flee.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You become immune to effects which slow, immobilize, or weaken you, in addition to increasing your movement speed by +2 until the end of the Encounter. Whenever an enemy shifts away from you, you may, as an immediate action, shift 2 squares in pursuit.
Special: If you are immobilized, slowed, or weakened when you use Path to the Sun, you may immediately make an additional saving throw against those effects and regain hit points equal to your Constitution modifier for each of those effects you save against.

Judgment of the Eclipse Ashanai Attack 20
Grasping your weapon tightly you set the world around your target into an hour of judgment and twilight, striking it for all of its misgivings, failures or weaknesses in an implosion of shadow which sears away to brilliant light.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Radiant, Psychic, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged 20
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom or Strength Vs. Will or AC
Hit: 4[W] + Strength or Wisdom modifier Radiant or Psychic damage
Miss: Half damage
Effect: A creature which takes damage from Judgment of the Eclipse is stunned until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Minor: As a Minor Action you may sustain an impending sense of dread upon the target following your Judgment of the Eclipse. You place a sentence upon them of which they cannot find pardon for, reducing all of their defenses by -2 and causing them 5 Fire, Radiant, or Psychic damage whenever they attempt to move more than 1 square or if they make an attack which is not directed at you until the end of the Encounter.
Special: Creatures which are immune to Psychic effects are instead treated as if they were struck by the Fire keyword in place of Psychic for this power.

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