Armour of the Master Assassin (3.5e Equipment)

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The Armour of the Master Assassin is a +5 Masterwork Mithral Chainmail

The Armour was made only for the most powerful of master assassins

Alignment: Any alignment as long as the PC/NPC is an assassin class

Abilities needed: Dex 24 cha 20 and must be or have been an assassin class also must have points in open lock, move silently, and hide

Special Purpose: Blend seamlessly into any crowd and quickly dispatch your prey

Armour passive abilities: when in hiding deal 8D6 worth of damage to the target, adds +5 to reflex and will saves, adds +15 to all hide and move silent checks.

Primary Abilities: Wearer has access to the Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, wearer also has access to the dodge mobility and spring attack feats, the wearer also has access to the improved critical feat twice thereby getting the quadruple threat range from the feats.

Extraordinary Powers: True Seeing at will, Globe of Invisibility 1/day, Darkness 2/day Awesome Power: Time Duplicate 2/day

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