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Armor of the Lonely Warblade: These items, each collectively a member of one magic armor, were created by an unknown arcane blacksmith thousands of years ago. It consists of a headband, chestpiece, robe, belt, and boots, all of which emit an aura of extraordinary potent transmutation magic. The full set is as followed:

  1. Belt of Epic Prowess [+6 Str, Dex, and Con]
  2. Headband of the Cosmos [+6 Int, Wis, and Cha]
  3. Robe of the Warrior [+6 magical armor bonus, +6 to all saving throws]
  4. Padded Armor of the Warrior [+4 armor bonus, damage reduction 10/-, +10 bonus on the following skill checks: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Local), Martial Lore, Swim, Tumble]
  5. Boots of the Whispering Wind [+30 ft. enhancement bonus on base land speed, cannot be flat-footed, allows wearer to freely move on any liquid surface, 3 times per day the wearer can act as though hasted for 10 rounds]

Any bonuses provided by the armor are stackable with other magical or non-magical enhancement bonuses. Additionally, all bonuses are treated as permanent bonuses to the wearers' abilities and can be used to calculate hit-points and skill points, if applicable.

Each article is indestructible by any means magical or mundane. Any pieces grant the wearer resistance 10 to all elements and magic, although this effect does not stack with itself.

This armor can only be equipped by a warblade; all others who attempt to use any articles of this armor without at least one level as a warblade must make a concentration check DC 35 or be consumed by the armor. Victims of this effect can only be brought back with true resurrection.

Additionally, articles are irremovable except by the will of the wearer. Should any articles be misplaced, the pieces will return to the wearer within 24 hours.

If all articles are equipped, the wearer can be in two stances simultaneously (this effect stacks with the Stance Mastery class feature), and is granted the knowledge of one mavuever for every level of their choice (for a total of 9 maneuvers). These maneuvers are always prepared.

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