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Armor (plate), artifact (requires attunement)

The Armor of Ashera is a set of plate armor blessed by the Goddess of Order, Ashera. This armor, when worn, renders the wearer invulnerable to physical blows from mundane weapons, and extremely resistant to magic. Two sets of this armor are known for sure to exist, but it is entirely possible that many more sets of armor have been similarly blessed. One suit of this armor is worn by King Ashnard of Daein, and the other by his right hand, the Black Knight.

While wearing this armor, your Armor Class increases by 3. You are immune to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons, and you are resistant to damage from spells. The armor is immune to effects that corrode or damage metal and is utterly indestructible. While wearing this armor, you also gain the following features:

Legendary Resistance. When you fail a saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead. This feature can be used three times. You regain all expended uses of this feature when you complete a long rest.

Renewal. You recover 15 hit points at the beginning of your turn if you have at least 1 hit point remaining.

Resist Status. You have advantage on all saving throws to avoid being affected by a status condition.

The Black Knight wearing the Armor of Ashera.

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