Armor and Weapon Master (5e Feat)

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Armor and Weapon Master

You have trained extensively with a particular set of weaponry, specific to your military role. You gain proficiency with set of armor and weapon on the list bellow, of your choice. In addition, when you are wear the armor and wield one weapon of your chosen set, gain the benefits of one fighting style. You cannot gain the benefits of a fighting style that you already have.

  • Archer Set: Longbow, Leather Armor. Archery fighting style.
  • Halberdier Set: Halberd, Breast Plate. Defense fighting style.
  • Armsman Set: Longsword, Ring Mail. Duelist fighting style.
  • Spearman Set: Short Spear, Shield. Protection fighting style
  • Knight Set: Greatsword, Chain Shirt. Great Weapon Fighting fighting style

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