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Armor Fusions[edit]

  • User Notice: This class is suppose to be on the same level as normal races,elves humans dwarves etc..., they were made to be less powerful than normal soldiers. so keep that in mind. (in other words: PLEASE DO EDIT!!)


Racial Bio[edit]

Armor Fusions rarely choose to become such. They are usually taken from their homes as children, then raised to become soldiers. Once their bodies were strong enough they were fused with large suits of armor. The armor became their flesh, and their minds were bent almost beyond repair. Armor Fusion ;how ever invincible they seem; have a weak spot When it comes to children. 97% of Armor Fusion will refuse to fight against forces with children in its ranks. There are some cases where Armor Fusions will run into friendly fire to prevent allies from hitting children. On other occasions, there have been whole Armor Fusion squads attacking there accompanied soldiers for raiding enemy villages with children still in them. Armor Fusions are used to bolster the ranks of existing battalions. Example: 250 normal soldiers 10 Armor Fusions. Most normal soldiers (and all Armor Fusion) were informed that the lives of the Armor Fusions are obsolete, and that they can always make more, and all Armor Fusions were told that the must follow all of the orders given to them by normal soldiers, regardless of rank. Armor Fusions can only escape by either dying ,or having every normal soldier in there Company killed. To keep Armor Fusions from revolting officers carry kill switches linked to every Armor Fusion in their company. (more details on Armor Fusions Given below).


Usually tortured souls waiting to be given its next orders. Free Armor Fusions only know one way of life, being a soldier. There are a rare few who have the mental soundness to lead others. So most of the free will find a person or people to have as a new Squad. Others go insane and those who do either kill themselves or go on an insane rampage. But a rare few have been known to adopt a child ,and this seems to be the most effective means for them to stay sane.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Height- 6.7-9ft tall.
  • Covered with an armor that is fused with their flesh. Female(before the fusion) type are averagely smaller only by a few inches.
  • A window-es looking shape for (an) eye(s).
  • Bulky metal humanoids.


  • Because most see them selves as monsters they are very accepting of all races, and beliefs. People see Armor Fusion almost in the same light as slaves: They look but turn their head as if pretending they we'rent. If parents of children saw them around an Armor Fusion, they would most likely grab the child's hand and rush them back inside.
  • Its never been discovered why Armor Fusions have such a strong connection to children, all that has been found out is that they will stop at nothing to protect just one. Some speculate that it might have some connection to them being taken as child ,Though this has not been proven.
  • Just as mysterious as why Armor Fusions have a connection with children ,children seem to have a connection back. There have been reports that when on patrol through villages the children there would ask Armor Fusions to play a game with them. Almost as if they were stray dogs lost in the dark just wandering through.


  • Any (usually non-Evils or chaotics)


  • Any land with heightened technology at their disposal.


  • Any, but some feel as though they have been abandoned by the gods. On the other side of the spectrum the free Armor Fusion feel as though they have been saved.


  • (depends on which race they were before the fusion)But if used for combat, They were hard wired to speak in a series of dull moaning noises(sounding much like ship creaking ,whale calls,{or Metal gear Rex}-"Armor Fusion code", is only spoken by Armor Fusions made for war, but can be heard by any Armor Fusion ,people with the right equipment or a person who is very knowledgeable about Armor Fusions.; When speaking any language beside "Armor Fusion code" the sound is transponded by a speaker located somewhere on the armor (it sounds like an old radio). When the Armor Fusion is speaking through the speaker they limited range on emotion ,so if you see a truly sad Armor Fusion it will be moaning in a deep loud tone ,on the other side of the spectrum a truly angry Armor fusion will roar in anger sounding creaks and groans. If speaker is broken they can only speak through "Armor Fusion code";. Armor Fusions in the same squad are telepathically linked.


  • (depends on which race they were before the fusion) but if they were made for battle, their names are really more like serial numbers.

Example: H-29-m-7 (Human-age 29- Male- squad 7). Free Armor Fusions will sometimes forget there serial number(despite it being written on their armor) and end up being given nick names ,such as: Rust bolt ,P-body ,or even Mr.Kitty.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Ability Bonus's: +2 str, +2 con, -2 cha.
  • May take Warforged bonus feats. Adamantine body, Mithril body, etc...
  • Due to their construction Armor Fusions do not feel pain .,or fear death. But they can tell when they are close to death.
  • Armor Fusions do not need to sleep ,or breath. But they do need to eat and deposit waste. Armor Fusions are powered by biological fuel; Which means on the battle field they do not have to rest or get tired; all they need to do is to rip a limb off of one of their fallen enemies ,so in some sense they are technically cannibalistic.(Any thing with meat will do, beef, pork, bugs, etc.). The can also use oil as a substitute. The "fuel" is inserted into a canister on the back of the Armor Fusion. The "waste" is a liquid mixture of blood and oils ,kept in a separate canister. The waste must be disposed of before it is full ,or else it will leak contaminants wherever it go's.
  • Armor Fusions usually have spotlights located somewhere on their armor.( Used to locate the enemy at night), (Treat as "bulls eye" lantern)
  • Armor Fusion can enter a sleep like mode for as long as 2 days;they longer they choose to remain active the more they must consume; ,upon waking up they must consume "fuel".
  • Usually Medium.
  • Armor Fusion's Base land speed is 20 feet, (30 if large, back to 20 if adamantine body.)
  • Slam: 1d4+STR dmg
  • Favored Class: Martial classes.

Vital Statistics[edit]

  • Weighing 400-1000lb. Depending on their size and armor.
  • When The armor is pierced blood and oils will immediately begin to flow out. The armor is their skin ,and through countless experimentation They have found away to have the armor repair itself just like a humans body would. -->
  • While technically gender-ed they cannot reproduce.(for obvious reasons)
  • Armor Fusion smell foul ,like motor oil and slightly of dead fish. Surprisingly children either don't notice the smell or don't mind

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