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The Archer Line[edit]

The Archer Line is a guild focusing on the arts of archery using physical, magical, and mental abilities.

Guild Master[edit]

The current guildmaster is an elf named Rallu Pinel, a level 17 fighter.

Other Guildmasters

  • Ulin Pinel, the late father of Rallu, he was a level 15 fighter
  • Temerak Ollo, the guild master who ran before Ulin, he is still alive but retired. A 18 level fighter
  • Riiden Kilph, the late guild master, he was a victim to a murder. He was a 21 level fighter.
  • Siivy Ullill, the first female guildmaster, she is currently dead. She was a 17 level fighter.
  • Therrus Renal, the late guild master. He was a level 10 fighter/5 sorcerer. He developed most of the guild's spells.
  • Aurak, the establisher of the guild, he was a 10 level fighter.

Guild Spells[edit]

  • Energy Arrow (DnD Spell)-The first spell Therrus Renal created for the guild. He locked himself in his room for weeks developing this spell so it can be used multiple times.
  • Explosive Arrow (DnD Spell)- The second spell made by Therrus Renal. He wanted to combine an arrow and Fireball and created this spell.
  • Shadow Arrows (DnD Spell)- The third spell, also made by Therrus Renal. He saw performers using illusion shadow magic and wanted to incorperate it into a spell.
  • Living Arrow (DnD Spell)- The spell forbidden to be used. Made by an evil necromancer posing as a good guy and being hired by Therrus as the first Administrator of Spells. He gained access to everything used to make spells and went crazy.
  • Almost Hit (DnD Spell)- Made by an apprentice magic archer who liked to scare people with his silly pranks.

Guild Quests[edit]

None currently

Notable Guild Members[edit]

  • Aurak Fellin, a 5 level fighter who was named after the late guild establisher, he is the administrator of enrollment.
  • Rellofen Kaurac, a 7 level sorcerer. He is one of the Administrator of Spells.

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