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Arcane Kaeozzoidian Spellsword[edit]

Fighter Subclass

you studied the spellswords who were born into their abilities, and you learned to copy them, only you are better with magic, and worse with brute force.


starting at 3rd level, you get the spellcasting trait, with intelligence as your spellcasting ability modifier. you get access to the artificer, paladin, cleric, druid, ranger, bard, warlock, and wizard spell lists with a set number of spells prepared always that you can change each time you level up(your memorized spells), and you also get additional spells that you have written in a spellbook, these can be prepared at the end of each long rest, preparing a number equal to your total level plus your intelligence modifier plus your proficiency bonus, you get your intelligence modifier plus your proficiency bonus cantrips prepared always, and 1 plus your intelligence modifier plus your proficiency bonus plus your total level spells always prepared(you can only learn and prepare spells that you have slots for of their level or higher). you also get 10 free spells of your choice in your spellbook, and you get 2 new ones of your choice for free each time you level up, you can also copy new spells into your book as though you were a wizard, you can also copy spells into a new book the way a wizard could. you can cast rituals as though you were a wizard in terms of the requirements, and the rituals don't have to be on the wizard spell list. you have a number of spell slots as though you were a wizard, but you get more at levels 10 and 17. you get proficiency in arcana as well as getting the magic initiate feat plus 3 others of your choice. you also get 2 ability score improvements.

Improved Extra Attack Magic

Starting at 7th level, when you cast a spell that requires you to make an attack, you can take extra attacks as though you took the normal attack action, and the spell affects each attack as it would the first, in addition, spells you cast that require 1 or more creatures to make a saving throw to avoid damage cause the creature(s) must make the saving throw twice, doubling the effect on a double fail, causing the effect to consider the throw a fail on a single fail with a single success, and counting it as a success when both saving thows are successes. you get 3 feats of your choice and 3 ability score improvements.

Regenerating Spell Slots

Starting at 10th level, your spell slots refresh at the end of a short or long rest, and you can re choose your prepared spells from your spellbook on a short or long rest. you get 8 extra level 1 spell slots, and 7 extra level 2, and level 3 slots, 3 level 4, and 6 level 5 spell slots. you also get elemental adept feat and 3 others of your choice. you also get 3 ability score improvements.

arcane battle master

starting at 15th level, you get 1d6+1d4 superiority dice, they are d12s. you also learn the same number of maneuvers. any superiority dice you have from other sources become d12s. you get 1 fighting style, 4 metamagic options, and 2 sorcery points per fighter level, gaining 2 each time you level up. you also get the war caster feat and 2 others of your choice. you also get 3 ability score improvements.

Supreme Magic Smite

Starting at 17th level, when you hit a creature with a melee weapon Attack, you can expend one spell slot to deal damage to the target, in addition to the weapon's damage. The extra damage is 3d8 + 3 per spell level, the type is your choice of any type other than slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning. you also get 2 extra level 1 spell slots, 3 extra 6th level spell slots, 3 extra 7th level spell slots, 3 extra 8th level spell slots, and 3 extra level 9th spell slots. you also get the spell sniper feat and 2 others of your choice. you get 2 ability score improvements as well.

this subclass is for the jaroidia setting only, and should not be able to be chosen unless your campaign or one shot has the end goal of killing Kaeozz or Sir Jaroid. as both have over twenty thousand hit points, you may need this advantage.

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