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This is an subclass for Artificer, Variant (5e Class).

Arcane Engineer[edit]

Arcane Engineers are more focused upon the engineering of spell schema then on formulae for infusions manipulating magic, they trade some of their ability to produce magical devices for magical casting potential. They are a poor sorcerer, but they are the only Artificer that has direct spellccasting ability.

Bonus Proficiency
You gain proficiency in Arcana, if you already have it you gain expertise.
You learn two Cantrips from the following list: Gust, Control Flames, Mage Hand, Magic Stone, Light, or Minor Illusion
Arcane Knowledge
You learn three 1st-level spells of your choice from either the Wizard or Expanded spell list below.
You learn an additional spell at every odd level taken in the Artificer class. Your spellcasting ability is Intelligence. The spells you learn may not exceed the following chart.
At 5th level, you can learn 2nd level spells.
At 9th level, you can learn 3rd level spells.
At 13th level, you can learn 4th level spells.
At 17th level, you can learn 5th level spells.
Arcane Engineer's Additional Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st Armor of Agathys, Bless, Shield of Faith
2nd Barkskin, Enhance Ability, Find Traps, Heat Metal, Magic Weapon, Spiritual Weapon
3rd Bestow Curse, Spirit Guardians, Water Walk
5th Awaken, Destructive Wave, Maelstrom, Planar Binding, Swift Quiver
Arcane Spellcasting'
You can cast any spell you know. (Spells and Schemas are different things) Doing so uses infusion points equal to the spell slot used, you may not use a higher spell slot then the highest spell level you can know. You may also gain "overcharge" (as per the 9th level ability).
Ritual Spellcasting
You can cast any spell you know as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag. Doing so does not use any infusion points.
Arcane Adaptability
When you learn a spell you may instead choose to learn a variant of that spell, if the spell does a damage type, you may cast a variant of the spell which does another form of damage or gives another equal condition (ie - deaf and silenced;restrained and grappled). You may develop a variant version of a spell at every even level taken in the Artificer class. When you cast a spell that requires touch, you spend an additional Infusion point to make a willing subject the wielder of that spell.
Arcane Implement
At 6th level, you craft an implement. The implement costs 500gp and takes 2 weeks to build. This implement can be a an orb, a Medallion, a staff, a rod, a Libram, or a wand. When you craft the implelment you must choose Verbal or Somnatic. When you cast through this implement you You can't spend more points than your maximum level of spell known.

You also learn an additional cantrip from any list.
Implement Expertise
At 11th level, spells cast through your implement gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, saving throw DC's, and damage rolls.
Implement Mastery
At 14th level, your implement adds certain bonuses to spells cast through it, depending on the type of implement you've crafted.
  • Libram of Versatility: With each new level you gain you may choose to either gain a new spell or develop a variant.
  • Medallion of Metamagic: You gain one Metamagical ability from Sorcerer. Pay the costs in Infusion Points.
  • Orb of Imposition: You have advantage on Constitution saving throws made to maintain Concentration on a spell cast from your Orb of Imposition.
  • Rod of Power: You deal an extra point of damage per damage die
  • Staff of Defense: When you cast a spell out of your Staff of Defense, choose one creature you can see. That creature has disadvantage on attack rolls made against you for 1 round.
  • Wand of Accuracy: You add 1d4 to the attack rolls of spells cast out of this implement.
Improved Implement Expertise
At 18th level, the bonus granted by your Implement Expertise feature improves to +2.
Arcane Scribe
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