Arachnida Ring of Transformation (3.5e Equipment)

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Arachnida Ring of Transformation: This pair of matching rings, inscribed with an intricate pattern of webs, with a clasp shaped like a spider, is an Arachnida Ring. This Arachnida Ring grants the spider an additional three uses of it's Shrink ability. In addition, it can change its species to a different species and back again four times a day as an immediate action.

When the spider changes its species, it may either become a Web-Spinner (if it is a hunter) or visa-versa. If it is a Specific Monstrous Spider, it may become any of the species shown on Table: Specific Monstrous Spider Racial Traits. This ability otherwise functions as the Spider's Shrink ability.

Faint Transformation;CL 3rd; Forge Ring; Reduce Person, Alter Self; Market Price: 8000gp

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