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Apport (Int)[edit]

You can teleport objects or creatures to other locations.

Requirements: Psychoportation feat

Check: You can teleport a target as a standard action. Distance is not a factor. The base DC is 10, modified by the object’s mass, its familiarity to you, and the familiarity of the destination. For example, apporting a 10-pound object (DC +0) that is in your line of sight (DC +0) to a destination in your line of sight (DC +0), such as apporting an opponent’s weapon into your hand, is DC 10. Apporting the same object in your line of sight to a somewhat familiar destination (DC +15) is DC 25. If the object is out of your line of sight and only somewhat familiar, the DC is increased to 40, and so forth. Generally, the DC of apporting an adult human is +10 for mass, plus familiarity modifiers. Unwilling creatures get a Reflex saving throw to resist apportation of themselves or any object they are wearing, carrying, or holding. A successful save means there is no effect. You must apport an entire object, not simply part of it, although unattached materials may be left behind. For example, you can apport a rope or pair of manacles without affecting the creature bound by them. Targets cannot be apported inside other solid objects: attempts to do so simply fail, although the Gamemaster may permit the apported target to appear in the nearest open space to the desired destination.

Special: You can take 10 on an Apport check, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Apport is a standard action.

Strain: 1 plus familiarity and mass modifiers.

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