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Well it seems as the whole world has fallen, those darn heroes. All they had to do was to deliver a loaf of plain old wheat bread with no magical enchantments and this is what happens. Well, it's not so bad. At least the giant castles that blocked the skyline is gone... along with the kingdoms.
—Old Man Jenkins

Welcome to Apocalyptia, a post-apocalyptic campaign setting set in a fantasy mindset where you can set your players into a quest for survival, a quest of restoration, or a quest of destruction...

The World[edit]

The Merge

When the world was created, the was a mystical well of power that fueled the world. Unfortunately, thanks to a botched up delivery quest, the well merged the separated contents within itself and caused a mass production of pure energy that spilled out and flowed into the world. Not only did this cause the world to become a wasteland, it attracted Celestials and Devils en masse. They reside in an endless struggle now on the continent of Weirdmanz, trying to control the ruins of Selegna Sol. What was once forested land is now dry plains and barren deserts filled with outsiders and mutated beasts.


There are three continents: Weirdmanz, Treniyas, and Bulcrum. Treniyas and Bulcrum encompass on the edges on the map while Weirdmanz dominates the middle with the Pearl Sea to the east and the East Bulcrum Sea to the west. On the other side of the globe lies the vast Harridan Ocean, with the large archipelago of The Sea Teeth. On Treniyas, The Golden Back mountain range covers the north-west coast. On Bulcrum, there is the Tanbelt mountains to the north with the Horriplation Mountain Range on the south cost. Surrounding Selegna Sol is the mountain ring Mol'Trenamous.


Society is just a fancy word for a collective and the way they think. In this place (the world), society flew out the window as soon the divine and damning energies combined and blasted the world twice over in one night. The only culture that is left is in the hands of the powerful who remain or the mainstream culture of survival.

Law and Order

When someone is caught stealing or some other act that is seen as a crime, the people around who saw it will deal out punishment as they see fit. There is no real law enforcement (except for the few tribes left, please see the tribe section for more). Rarely is one person seen in court because the first punishment that is usually carried out is decapitation.


The almighty dollar is no more. The old kingdoms' vaults of gold and silver have been melted together into giant blobs by the energies released from The Well. Pieces of currency metals can be found everywhere, especially in the ruins of the old kingdoms. However these pieces hold no value except to those who live in the denial that the old kingdoms are still in power and hope that they can reimbursed once they take control again. Normal people have reverted to a bartering system, items for items.


Arcane - Arcane Magic has become very scarce, mainly because that The Merge destroyed nearly all the world taking with it most kingdoms' tomes of magic. The only races with extensive arcane libraries are the gnomes and the dwarves, however there are mutants that have a magical energy coursing through them and arcane comes natural to them. Wizards and Sorcerers among humans and orcs are extremely rare and usually are high in what society there is

Divine - Divine magic still exists, however it has diminished power over the mortal realm so great that spells that can be cast per day has decreased by 2. Clerics and paladins are still prevalent in the world however not as common as before The Merge as there are not as many temples.


Ohtama- The god of balance and change Neutral Domain: Healing, Protection, Destruction, War Favored Weapon- Balanced Longsword Greater The god of true balance, Ohtama will appear in the mortal realm as a human playing chess in an everlasting stalemate with his reflection.

Derideo- The god of comedians and jesters, the laughing god with no temples Chaotic Neutral Domain: Trickery Portfolio: Comical Intermediate Will do anything for a laugh. Appears in the mortal realm as an utterly black humanoid figure with a smiley face pin on its chest.

Senternal- Liberator, Judge, Executioner Lawful Good Domain: Law, Good, Death Portfolio: Freedom, Meticulous, Guide Favored Weapon- Halberd intermediate The liberator and guider for the afterlife, directing those to where the will spend the rest of eternity. in the mortal realm, appears as a tall orc clad in full plate armor

Malifent- The god of Suffering, Pain, and Sick Joy Neutral Evil Domain: Evil, destruction Portfolio: Maleficent, Torture, Sorrow Favored weapon: Whip intermediate This sicko appears in the mortal realm as a female human with a head of a red elephant.

The Nothing - nothing Domain: Nothing Portfolio: Nothing Favored Weapon: Nothing Over Nothing



Barbarians- Perfect for this campaign as kingdoms are not there to destroy their culture.

Bards- just as in most campaign settings, just wanderers living anyway rhey can

Clerics- seriously weakened spellpower so they would be better to be suited for being the tank of the party

Druids- not good for this setting as they would have very little plant life to use

Fighters- Just a staple for all settings

Monks- Perhaps, it's just a preference issue

Paladins- perhaps, but they would be quite the attraction of attention, more so than a cleric.

Rangers- a better choice for a class for the wildlife adventurer as they are quite versatile

Rogues- Just a staple to everything

Sorcerers- This will be the most encountered arcane caster in this setting

Wizards- This class should be reserved as either a prestige class or a race-only class to the gnomes and the dwarves

The Races

These races have survived, destroyed, or even been created in the Merge:

Humans - These people are hard rooted in the earth. They have survived and become the most plentiful out of any other race left. Can be seen anywhere, even in other races' tribes. Humans are the main working class of the world and can be seen in any line of work.

Orcs - Orcs are nearly as numerous as humans, however their ways have thronged greatly within the new world. With the quest of survival in hand, they have become great allies with the humans. They are great tactitioners for tribal warfare and excel with the martial weapons and arts.

Dwarves and Gnomes - These two races have lived together since the dawn of time, and the fact that they live deep within the mountains means that they have a good chance of survival. The only real kingdom to survive the Merge and hold power within their domain. In terms of magic, the gnomes and dwarves have a good leg up on everyone else as the dwarves practice their ancestral magic and the gnomes with their illusion. Because that they live in the mountains means that they are pretty isolated and rarely seen out of their realms, except for the few sent out to excavate the old kingdoms' treasuries.

Elves - As dwarves and gnomes were able to survive in the thick walls of the mountains, the elves had no chance in the woods that covered the world and no elvish woods survived. However few above land elves were able to make it to underground sanctuaries of dark elves and merge with them, creating quite a brutal force. These elves have become xenophobic and genocidal. The Merge may have not killed these elves, but it has had an effect on their magic powers. The few elves with their magic are revered as gods and kings, while every other elf has become brutes, twice as strong as orcs. Elves are NEVER seen above ground unless the few exiles or the powerful armies.

Under Elf (common)- +4 str, -2 int, +2 dex Under Elf (magic)- +8 int, -2 str, -4 con, +2 dex

Mutants - When the merge happened, many were blasted with divine and magical energies, but not all of them died. Some of them became mutants, poor souls who have become scarred and mutated from the Merge, however there is a silver lining. These people are imbued with magic, coursing in their veins. Mutants are from multiple races since barely anyone wants to be with them and the deformities only further blur their origins. They can be seen everywhere, however it is tough for them to fit in large groups whether it be racism to plain simple fear. Due to their natural magical blood, mutants make excellent sorcerers.

Creating a Mutant Character: Magical blood and deformities LA:+1-2

During creation roll 2d20 to determine mutations:

  1. Third arm (useless)/Forth Arm (useless); armor modifications must be made for additional limbs unless properly amputated
  2. Third arm (functioning; NEW FEAT: Three weapon fighting)/ Forth Arm (Four Weapon Fighting if rolled functioning arm twice)
  3. Third eye (normal +2 to spot)/ forth eye (if covered by helmet, ceases to work until uncovered or if modification is made)
  4. Hairless (roll again if Covered with Fur was rolled first)
  5. Covered with Fur (roll again if hairless was rolled first)
  6. Small Size; armor modification (roll again if Large was rolled first)
  7. Large Size; armor modification (roll again if Small was rolled first)
  8. Gills; a special mask is made for the mutant so he/she/it may breathe on land, takes up helmet space. Careful FRAGILE!
  9. Tentacle (1d6 Whip/Slam attack, counts as limb)
  10. Tail (1d4 Whip/Slam attack)
  11. Horrific stench (-2 cha, immune to other stench effects)
  12. Fragile Bones (-2 con, roll again if Bones of Stone is rolled first)
  13. Crustacean Claws (2[or however many arms]1d8 Crush attacks, unable to grab objects)
  14. Fire Breath (-2 cha, Cone of Fire 15ft. 1d6 fire damage)
  15. Bones of Stone (+2 con, roll again if Fragile Bones is rolled first)
  16. Transparent Skin (-2 cha -2AC +2 dex -2 hide checks, roll again if Stone skin is rolled first)
  17. Lack of Muscles (-2 str)
  18. Third Eye (constant detect magic)/forth eye (if covered by helmet, ceases to work until uncovered or if modification is made)
  19. Stone Skin (+2AC, -4 dex, immune to fire and electricity, roll again if transparent skin is rolled first)
  20. Gaping Maw (no true speech capability, still able to understand language, gains silent spellcasting feat for free without the level changes)

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