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Antiblaster (Starship Weapon) (PL 7)[edit]

Table: Antiblaster Statistics
Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Minimum Ship Size Purchase DC Restriction |
Antiblaster 16d12 (104) (see below) 20 (see below) Ballistic/Energy 5,000 ft. Single Colossal 41 Mil (+3)

The Antiblaster uses gravity to send a Piece of Antimatter to the target at superhigh speeds, the hit deals 6d12 (39) Ballistic Damage (CH 20/*2). Then the antimatter explodes, dealing 10d12 (65) Energy damage to the target (this damage isn't multiplied on a critical hit). the explosion has 1/12 chance (12 in d12) of dealing 48d8 (216) damage instead and 1 of these random effects:

Antiblaster Random Effects[edit]

Table: Antiblaster random effects
Roll Effect ALIGN="CENTER"
1-10 Engine Damaged
11-30 Armor Damaged
31-40 Comm System Destroyed
41-55 Sensor System Destroyed
56-60 Explosive Payload Explosion
61-75 Defensive System Destroyed
76-90 Weapon/Grappling System Destroyed
91-100 No Special Effect

Engine Damaged[edit]

The Starship Main Engine (If the ship is not Superheavy and has a non-Thrusters engine, then Thrusters, if the ship is Superheavy, then choose the non-Thrusters engine randomly, and if the Starship only has Thrusters, then Thrusters) is damaged. The Starship tactical speed is reduced by one-third of the speed without armor, rounded up (1000ft. w' thrusters, 1500ft. with Fusion Torches, Ion Engines, Induction Engines and Particle Impulse Engines, 2000ft. with Spatial Compressors) and the cruising speed is reduced to tenth with that engine. if this effect is rolled again, the penalty is cumulative (-2000ft/r thrusters, -4000 spatial compressor and -3000 other). At the third time, the engine is destroyed and must be built again.

Repairing an engine requites 40 Hours of work, Repair Check (DC 30), Craft (mechanical) Check (DC 30) and materials with a purchase DC lower by 10 then the engine's original cost (for Spair Part Storage, the materials weight 30 tons). if the engine was damaged 2 times, he returns to its "damaged 1 time" mode and must be repaired a second time.

Armor Damaged[edit]

The starship armor is damaged and its Hardness is reduced by 5 (this penalty is cumulative), vs. Effects not targeting the starship from 1 direction or these hitting a Critical Hit (like mines and autofire), the armor hardness is treated as 0. if cumulative reductions reduce the armor hardness to 0 (Deflective armor is reduced by 0 after 4 damaged times), he is destroyed and must be built again. Repairing a damaged armor (increasing its hardness by 5), requites 150 Hours of work, Repair Check (DC 30), Craft (mechanical) Check (DC 30), and materials with purchase DC lower by 15 then the armor's purchase DC (weight one-eighth the weight of the armor).

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