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Annihilating Grip
Evocation [Cold, Fire, Electricity, Poison, Acid, Force, Sonic, Healing, Good, Evil]
Spellcraft DC:
Components: No Components, but rather, available uses and components for at least 15 "Touch" spells (I.E.:Lay-On Hands, Pain Touch, Lich Touch, Shocking Grasp, Etc.)
Casting time: Instant, appears as 1 minute on account of time stretching in the immediate area during the casting.
Range: Touch
Target: One creature
Duration: 24 Hours for curses
Saving Throw: Fortitude, see text
Spell Resistance: See text
To Develop: This spell cannot be inlayed into a single scroll. An XP cost of 5 Level's Value is required to learn this spell.

Through the study and use of countless touch spells, one divine warrior discovered this powerful technique, blending the elements, energies of Positive and Negative, and even the powers of the Holy and Unholy, to create a lethal effect.

In melee, the caster may declare a successful Unarmed or Touch strike this attack, once per day. This requires expending 15 "Charges" of available "Touch" spell uses. This includes abilities such as "Lay-on Hands" or "Lich Touch". The Caster must sacrifice half of their current hit-points, and 1d4 Constitution for the next 5 rounds. The target is rendered helpless, and is hoisted over-head with a single hand holding them, by either the throat or face. The target must make a DC25 Fortitude Save, or die instantly as if hit with a "Disintegrate" spell.

If the save is successfully made, the target suffers:

2d4 Damage to all base stats (Str, Dex, Int, Etc.)

2d8 Cold Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Electric Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Poison Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Corrosive Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Fire Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Force Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Positive Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Negative Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

2d8 Physical Damage (+1d4 per caster level)

1d8 Sonic Damage (+1d4 per 2 caster levels)

3d10 Holy Damage (+1d10 per 2 caster levels)

3d10 Unholy Damage (+1d10 per 2 caster levels)

2d8 Crushing Damage

1d10 Piercing Damage

Target is launched backwards up to 40 feet, as if affected by a potent Push spell ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

The closer one is to the spell, the longer the spell seems to take as time slows from the sheer power of the spell. The caster's hand begins to glow, runes and energy of all elements and energies encircling the hand, joined by two orbs of pure Hellish Evil, and Heavenly virtue, these orbs shrink and circle, and the energies eventually collide at the point of impact, either disintegrating, or launching back and dealing massive damage to the afflicted target. To the target and caster, this process seems to take a full minute. To those outside the affected area, this process takes only a second.

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