Animal Magnetism (3.5e Flaw)

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Animal Magnetism[edit]

How does Snow White manage it? You don't even have to sing, and the critters still come running. OW! GET AWAY!!
Effect: Animals REALLY love you. Any creature with the animal type that comes within 60 feet of you will move adjacent to you and remain there, moving with you if you move. Affected animals stare at you, make noises to attract your attention, and try to nuzzle up against you until you manage to shoo them away. Shooing an animal away is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. A shooed animal retreats to a 30 foot distance and stares longingly at you, making pitiful noises for 1 minute before wandering off, dejected and heartbroken. Shooed animals are not attracted to you again for 24 hours. Needless to say, a character with this flaw takes a cumulative -1 circumstance penalty to all skill checks; attack rolls and saves (to a maximum of -10) for every animal adjacent to him, as the animals are extremely distracting. Below is a chart for determining how many animals are attracted to the character, to be rolled once every 4 hours or once per scene by the DM. Depending on the current environment, DMs are free to adjust the results as they see fit. Animals should be environment appropriate (for the most part).

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Suggested Random Animal Encounters
1d100 Animals Attracted
1-15 1d4 tiny animals or 1 small animal
16-30 1d8 tiny animals or 1d4 small animals
31-45 1d8 small animals
46-60 1d4 small animals or 1 medium animal
61-75 1d8 small animals or 1d4 medium animals
75-85 1d8 medium animals or 1-2 large animals
85-95 1d8 dire animals or 1d4 huge or larger animals
96-99 Any lower result, but the animals will attack any party members who get to close.
00 roll twice, combine results, ignore further rolls of 100

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