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Animal Head[edit]

You've got the head of an animal. And the vocal cords of one too. That's going to put a damper on speaking. prereqs=Must be able to talk.
Effect: Perhaps because of a curse, your head is that of an animal and you can only make animal noises. You can understand, but cannot speak intelligibly. You may still make verbal components for spells and abilities. Speak with animals functions as if you were an animal of the appropriate type.

Your unusual head tends to draw attention. You take a −4 penalty on Disguise and Hide checks.

Roll on the Animal Head Chart to determine the type of head the character has.

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Animal Head Chart
1d100 Animal
01-02: Alligator/Crocodile
03-04: Ape
05-06: Baboon
07-08: Badger
09-10: Bat
11-12: Bear
13-14: Bird
15-16: Bison
17-18: Boar
19-20: Camel
21-22: Cat
23-24: Cheetah
25-26: Cow
27-28: Coyote
29-30: Deer
31-32: Dog
33-34: Donkey
35-36: Eagle
37-38: Elephant
39-40: Fish
41-42: Fox
43-44: Hawk
45-46: Horse
47-48: Hyena
49-50: Leopard
51-52: Lion
53-54: Lizard
55-56: Mandrill
57-58: Mongoose
59-60: Monkey
61-62: Mouse/Rat
63-64: Mule/Pony
65-66: Opossum
67-68: Owl
69-70: Porpoise
71-72: Rabbit
73-74: Raven
75-76: Rhinoceros
77-78: Shark
79-80: Sheep
81-82: Snail
83-84: Snake
85-86: Squirrel
87-88: Tiger
89-90: Toad
91-92: Turtle
93-94: Warthog
95-96: Weasel
97-98: Wolf
99-100: Wolverine

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